HUBLEY Cast Iron Boston terrier Bulldog DoorstopHUBLEY Cast Iron Boston terrier Bulldog DoorstopHUBLEY Cast Iron Boston terrier Bulldog Doorstop

Offered here is a very nice HUBLEY Cast Iron Boston Terrier Bulldog doorstop dating to early 1900s. The dog measures approximately 10 inches long by 10 inches high with two flat head screws, one at back of neck and one on right flank. Most all Terrier doorstops faced right if you were standing behind it. Less than 10% faced left. These left facing doorstops, as is the one we are offering, are the rarest. All over surface is ground smooth including bottoms of feet which show grind marks. Color is black and tan color; if there ever was a red dot tongue it has long worn off. In my opinion based on feel of surface and color, the door stop has not been repainted. The detail on the dog is quite nice. He’s a hefty character. Original HUBLEY Boston Terrier doorstops will weigh 5 to 8 pounds. This one weighs in at 6 ¾ pounds. There is no flaking of either paint or rust. It’s in very nice age-related condition and it is clean. It’s really a neat piece and like any old cast iron will have a mushroom-like smell and not be laden with rust. If cast iron is old, it will be smooth, dark and free of rust. Unpainted cast iron will be black and smooth to the touch. New iron will be rough and rusty. The piece is unmarked but I can say with good certainty that this is an original HUBLEY. Sales tax must be collected for buyers living in or picking up in New York State. Local tax rate applies.

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HUBLEY Cast Iron Boston terrier Bulldog Doorstop

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