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This came to me in the mid 1980s and because it is tiny and cute (under two inches for the body) and lights up I kept it in a drawer away from my then small children. Time marched on and it followed me through two moves and both girls married all these years later.

Comes with original AG3 button batteries that still power it. These batteries are easy to find when you want fresh. It has an LED bulb and an attached lanyard that is as long as the flashlight.

It always struck me as one to have in a doll's house, or perhaps with miniatures on a shelf. It could also be attached to a key ring if desired or kept in a purse. Lots of ways to use it and the styling is like the full sized flashlights my dad used back in the 50s. This little wonder is also made of metal, not plastic.

Condition is excellent vintage as it is in working condition with only a few small nicks on its black tank. I take close up high resolution photo's so what you see looks larger than they are. If you aren't happy with the quality your always welcome to return it. Never a reason needed in my shop. Please see all of the photo's for item size and contents.

All items in my shop are returnable, your complete satisfaction is my highest quest.
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Vintage working Tiny Toy or Doll Flashlight


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