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This wonderful 1999 Norman Rockwell “Bottom Drawer” Porcelain Christmas Ornament is on a round disk 2 5/8 inches across with 14K Gold trim encircling the painting.

Mr. Rockwell's original December 29, 1956 Painting of a little boy with an astonished look on his face as he holds in his hands the contents of a drawer he opened in his parents bedroom. Those contents were Papa's Santa Costume and the reality, of what he may have vaguely suspected all along, comes crashing down on his mind. (who didn't feel this way when you found out Santa wasn't real?)

On the back, besides the title and date of the original artwork we see it is a Series 1 Collectors Edition and that it is Copyrighted to Curtis Publishing (the original owners of the Saturday Evening Post) And is in fact “A Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post Officially Licensed Product” It is also Copyrighted to Schmidt-Cannon International for this particular Series 1 Edition.

Retaining its Original Red Satin Hanging Ribbon it will hang best on a sturdy tree as it weighs 1.5 ounces. Which is also the reason I am selling this from my personal collection of Christmas Decorations. Since Downsizing a few years ago I now have a very small tabletop tree and this sweet ornament has just been in a box waiting to be used again. My children have all that they want from their Christmases past and so I am offering it to you.

Condition is Excellent Vintage. There are no marks, scratches or chips on it. I do not have its original box any longer but assure you it will be packaged and shipped with the utmost care.

I don't remember where I bought it, but in researching that I can tell you there are very few of these to be seen so I would consider this one, in this type of ornament, Hard to Find.

All items in my shop are returnable, your complete satisfaction is my highest quest.

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1999 Norman Rockwell “Bottom Drawer” Porcelain Christmas Ornament


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