Vintage Sterling Silver St. Christopher Pendant or CharmVintage Sterling Silver St. Christopher Pendant or CharmVintage Sterling Silver St. Christopher Pendant or CharmVintage Sterling Silver St. Christopher Pendant or Charm

This pristine Sterling Silver St. Christopher Pendant or Charm is also from the estate of the well traveled octogenarian. Which isn't unusual as he is the patron saint (protector) of travelers and sailors. (more on him a bit later)

The round pendant or charm measures 7/8” across and the front shows the Saint crossing a river with the Christ Child on his shoulders. The words “ St. Christopher Protect us” are seen here too. On the back we see it is marked with a (c) Sterling and a tiny trademark too small to decipher.

This comes to you on a chain that I believe was added by the previous owner, it has a Sara Cov (Sarah Coventry) tag, but Sarah did not sell this medal. The chain is not Sterling. It can be easily removed to add your own Sterling chain or to add this to a key chain or charm bracelet. This chain is also in pristine condition, as are all of this estate's jewelry items shown elsewhere in my shop.

Please do not let the darkness of the photo's put you off. I had such trouble capturing details on the bright reflective Sterling surface that I had to use shadows to help you see the detail. There is no trace of tarnish on this dear Saint.

The low price is because I don't believe your protection should be to my benefit.

FYI: The Legend of St. Christopher
According to all accounts, St. Christopher was extremely tall, and by some accounts he was even a giant! He was surely a man of significant physical stature.
Christopher (not his birth name) decided one day that he wanted to serve the greatest king he could. He presented himself before his local ruler and entered service, until he noticed the king cross himself at the mention of the devil, revealing that the king believed the Devil to have more power.
St. Christopher then decided to serve the Devil. During his search, he encountered a band of thieves, whose leader referred to himself as the Devil. But when this leader avoided a Christian cross out of fear, St. Christopher learned there was someone even more powerful than the Devil.
St. Christopher found a hermit who taught him all about Christ, the King of Kings. The hermit suggested that he spend his life in prayer and fasting. This however was a thing which St. Christopher, a large and probably often hungry man found difficult, he objected. The hermit then suggested he find something else that would please Christ. St. Christopher offered to work at a nearby river, and help travelers across. The fording was dangerous and many people with less strength had drowned. The hermit advised St. Christopher this would please Christ.
One day, a child approached St. Christopher by the river and asked to be helped across. St. Christopher obliged. However, as he entered midstream, the river rose and the child's weight grew and became extremely heavy. It was only by great exertion that St. Christopher safely delivered the child to the other side.
When St. Christopher asked the child why he was so heavy, the child explained that He was the Christ and when St. Christopher carried Him, he also carried the weight of the whole world on his shoulders. The child then vanished.
The name Christopher means “Christ bearer”.

Sterling Silver

Vintage Sterling Silver St. Christopher Pendant or Charm


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