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This Vintage Winter White Show Flake Brooch, or it could be The North Star, is as lovely as you can get for the upcoming season.

Measuring a little over 1 ½” across it is made up of layers to give it dimension. On the outer layer you will find 10 oblong white glass cabochon stones that are 10mm long and 8mm wide set in bright silvertone closed back settings. The next layer boasts 6 smaller oblong white glass cabochon stones of 8mm long and 5mm wide, with 6 clear and bright faceted 4mm foil backed stones that catch the light beautifully. Which brings us to the central focal point of this beautiful pin. A single massive faceted 10mm center stone in the same clear and bright foil backed setting as the smaller stones.

This is why to me the pin always looked like a snowflake or bright heavenly body, the winter white color with the dazzling stones along with the bright silvertone settings they are mounted on can't be anything else. (although I would tease mom and tell her she was wearing her “Chiclets” (gum) pin when she put it on.)

On the reverse we see the substantial pin that will hold your treasure securely in place. The pin mechanism and the rolling thumb clasp work perfectly.
You can also see that the metal is as bright as ever and I know for a fact it has been well taken care of all this time. The outer circle and the inner circle are connected with solder and two bridges to give it stability. I have pointed this out in some of the photo's included here, please do look at all of them.

Condition is excellent vintage. I can detect no damage of any kind to the pin, all stones are without scratches or chips, all prongs are in place and tight. I will direct your attention to one white stone on the outer circle that looks to have a large gap between it and the setting it is in. I can assure you it looks like this only because I take up close, high resolution photographs of my items so you can see everything there is to see and more. However it can make tiny thing look quite large and this is why I am mentioning it. When you hold this pin in your hand, you would not notice it unless you looked very carefully, and then it is only a tiny gap. It's just the way the stone was set by the maker.

An unsigned beauty but made with quality and care, construction tells me it is likely from the 50s, I just know it was always in mom's jewelry chest as far back as I can remember.

Comes in a gift box and a presentation bag for gifting to a friend. (or yourself) / Multiple purchases reduce your shipping costs / Insurance is calculated on total shipment amount and not per item, It will always be one low price up to $1,000.
Clear, Silver, White
Wedding & Bridal
1 1/2" across

Siemers Rafter Room

Vintage Winter White Snow Flake or North Star Brooch


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