Early Swarovski S.A.L. Mark Demi Parure Bracelet, Earrings and Brooch

You know the Maker, Swarovski with the Swan Logo. But did you know that this same manufacturer used a different logo mark when they first started to manufacture Jewelry with those beautiful stones in this country?
This Demi Parure, a Bracelet, Earrings and a Brooch is marked with Swarovski's oldest American S.A.L. mark, which was the abbreviation of the company's full name Swarovski America, Limited (or Ltd). This mark was used for only a short span of eleven (11) years from 1977 until sometime in 1988. It is part of the reason it is not easy to find S.A.L. marked Swarovski jewelry. The other reason was it didn't sell very well under that name and mark. The public simply didn't recognize the fact that S.A.L. was indeed the high quality light reflecting stones they had grown to love and expect in the finest of costume jewelry.
I would think we would have to blame poor advertising and marketing but whatever the reason, it was changed to the now familiar Swan logo in 88.

Fast forward to 2016, between 28 and 39 years later people are now just realizing the craftsmanship of this harder to find incarnation of the famed Swarovski Stones.

Our Bracelet is 7 3/8" long end to end and 6/8" wide at its widest points. Made of goldtone metal that glistens like the real deal it boasts two 15mm long and 8mm wide nearly perfect Marquise (Navette) diamond replicas. Color, flash and fire in the stones really has to be seen to be appreciated.

This double stone theme advances to the matching earrings, with a slight difference. An even larger perfect copy Marquise (Navette) diamond replica 18mm long and 10mm wide sits beneath another 15mm long and 8mm wide clear and bright white Navette. Both stones are fully encased on the sides and beneath on each of the clip back earrings. The workmanship of the gold tone metal here is also like the bracelet in that it gleams like it was fine karat gold.

Third and final piece of our set is a 2 1/2" long 1/4" wide at the widest point bar pin of exceptional stone quality and quantity. There are 10 - 3mm round clear sparkling Swarovski crystals interspersed with 3 - 8mm highly reflective Oval stones. Also set in high quality gold tone metal that will fool anyone looking your way.

Each piece is marked with the Early Swarovski logo of S.A.L. and the condition of this vintage set is as exceptional as the stones themselves. Not a mark that I can detect on any of the stones on any of the pieces. I can only find the slightest of marks on the back of the pin. The pin mechanism and the very nice rolling thumb clasp are in excellent working order.

No need to take my word for the quality of this set. You always have three days to live with the purchases you make in my shop. Hold them and feel the weight of fine costume jewelry. Inspect the stones and see if what I have said here isn't true. Should you feel it is not all that I have stated just let me know. Returns are never a problem and always granted promptly.

Shipping can be easily expedited to a faster service should it be required, again your wish is my command.

Please see my "Terms of Sale" in the drop down to the right of this posting for all the particulars.

Secure packaging is always given to your purchase. Jewelry comes in either a presentation box, lace or bead embellished presentation bag or both. Depending on the item(s) bought.
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First American Swarovski S.A.L. Mark Demi Parure Bracelet, Earrings and Brooch


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