Giuliano Nucci (1930 - 1992) * Nude *Giuliano Nucci (1930 - 1992) * Nude *Giuliano Nucci (1930 - 1992) * Nude *Giuliano Nucci (1930 - 1992) * Nude *Giuliano Nucci (1930 - 1992) * Nude *

Giuliano Nucci (1930 - 1992) * Nude *

Pencil and Watercolour on buff Paper. Good Condition. Unframed.
Signed (lower left) and dated 1984 .

57.5 x 38cm (approx 22.75 x 15 inches)

Nucci, Giuliano: Homage to Schiele; Published by Nemi; Palazzo Ruspoli, Rome 1984
Giuliano Nucci - Memoria; Biblioteca Angelica – Galleria Angelica; curated by Giovanna Foresio and Associazione l'Anello, Rome 2012

Giuliano Nucci was born in Rome in 1930 and became an influential artist throughout the 1960s and 70s in Italy.

In 2012, after twenty years from his death, The Biblioteca Angelica in Rome held a retrospective of the artist. As G. Foresio wrote: " The nudes by the artist are characterized by a faintly erotic if archaic iconography. His subjects are typical of a timeless dimension which in some cases evokes the decoration of ancient Greek vases. Artists sometimes puts side by side two different kinds of images, an ordinary and an extraordinary one. The entrance of the extraordinary in the ordinary world characterizes Nucci's work.

As for its landscapes, Achille Pace wrote "Nucci depicts Rome as an exotic and fairy-like allegory but always with its vivid and pulsating nature. The trees, plants and flowers depicted by Nucci overtake ancient monuments and become the protagonists instead of mere complements: plants intended as spiritual symbols; flowers as expression of souls.


Giuliano Nucci (1930 - 1992) * Nude *

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