Giuseppe Fioroni (born 1938) * Homage to Fellini *Giuseppe Fioroni (born 1938) * Homage to Fellini *

Giuseppe Fioroni (born 1938)

Homage to Fellini

Mixed media on canvas, Framed. Very Good Condition.

H: 70 x w: 50 cm / h: 27.5 x w: 19.75 in.

Framed: 87 x 67cm (approx 34.5 x 26.5in.)

V. Sgarbi, M Duranti, A. C. Ponti, FIORONI, 2005.
John T. Spike, "Myths, Fairy Tales, Reality and Illusion" published by The Foundling Museum, London 2008.
V. Sgarbi/ R. Pittelli "The Whims of Painting" published by The Italian Institute of Culture, London 2008.

This painting was inspired by the 1954 movie classic La Strada (The Road) directed by the great iconic film director Federico Fellini (1920-1993). The film starred Giulietta Masina and Anthony Quinn and won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. It depicts the lives of a troupe of circus performers. Fellini also explored the world of the circus in his 1970 documentary film I Clowns (The Clowns). Fellini was interested by circuses and carnivals because to him they represented a vanishing culture which evoked a sense of nostalgia. He famously compared cinema to the circus by calling it a form of "illusion" or "mirage." This sense of nostalgia for a disappearing way of life is also a common theme in Fioroni's work.

Giuseppe Fioroni was born in Perugia on 19th March 1938. Almost completely self-taught, he has established himself as a leading artist and personality in Italy, winning numerous awards and accolades locally, regionally and nationally. He is deeply interested in magic, esoteric culture and the world of fairy-tales, and all of these elements find an original and intense representation in his paintings whereby he manages to express his imagination vividly and effectively and to penetrate into the secret aspects of reality by reading the mysterious signs nature sends us. His homeland, Umbria, often shows through his paintings, thanks both to its religious mystical tradition and its folklore.

"It is a world that is in the same way intimate and part of each of our personal sphere's, creative fruit of personal and collective memory, that which is evoked from the art of Giuseppe Fioroni. A world without place and time, but which refers to the Medieval age, understood not as a specific historical period but as a category for the spirit and imagination, the perspective of the still virgin spirit." -- Vittorio Sgarbi, 2004 .

Giuseppe Fioroni has exhibited extensively in Italy, in Germany , and in the USA. His most recent exhibitions in the UK were held in London at the Italian Institute of Culture and at the Foundling Museum (2008).


Giuseppe Fioroni (born 1938) * Homage to Fellini *

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