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We opened Speakeasy Antiques in Greenwich Village on Dec. 1, 1969.

On August 10, 1970, the Beatles broke up. So we started buying every Beatles item we could find. We bought people's entire collections. We bought out (with help from our pickers) candy store leftovers, manufacturer's leftover stock, promo items from record stores, etc. We were just putting it away, thinking 'one day, people will miss the Beatles and want them back'. That day came sooner than we expected.

In Dec. 1972, the Village Voice newspaper wrote us up in the 'Scenes' column. It was about our Beatles stash and that we were selling Beatles memorabilia. The next morning, there was a line at the door, the phone was ringing off the hook, and radio, print, and TV stations all over the country were passing on the story. It was Beatlemania all over again.

We tell you this because we only sell ORIGINAL Beatles memorabilia. We still have some of our early purchases like this pin.

It's from 1964 with the NEMS ENT. LTD. 64 mark on the rim. The pin is the paper and celluloid kind over tin. It measures 3.5 inches across. (There are various repros of this pin around but they'll never be worth more than a repro.)

The graphics show the Beatles' heads in black and white on a red and white background. The message is I'M A OFFICIAL BEATLES FAN.

Slight age tarnish on the back. Pin is in excellent vintage condition.

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Original 1964 BEATLES Celluloid Pin ~ I'm a Beatles Fan ~ 3.5 Inches


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