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Yes, we know it's in crappy condition. But even as it is, it's a rare and valuable item to any tobacco and/or cigarette card collector. And those who admire inventors would be thrilled to own this.

This original 1888 lithographed Allen & Ginter souvenir album features the WORLD'S INVENTORS. Among the 50 featured in here are Thomas Edison (on the cover), Samuel Colt (Colt Revolvers), Gail Borden (Condensed milk), Ben Franklin (lightening rod), Samuel Morse (Telegraph), Galilei (Telescope - Pendulum), Pope (Columbia Bicycles), Pullman (Sleeping Cars), and many more brilliant minds.

Each page shows several of the inventors in the card form that Allen & Ginter was known for. Starting in 1880, the firm created and marketed the first cigarette cards for collecting and trading in the United States. You could get this souvenir album in exchange for coupons packed with the A & G cigarette brands, usually 75 or 100 coupons for each album. All their albums date in the 1888-1890 period. This series depicting inventors was never issued as individual cards and only released in this album form.

Souvenir albums of this type, as issued by the tobacco companies, were probably intended to replace the individual cards if the smoker so desired, or at least enable him/her to own the entire collection of designs without the difficulty of trying to obtain all the individual cards in a set.

The Allen & Ginter company merged with four other tobacco manufacturers to form the American Tobacco Company in 1890.

This book measures 9 1/4 inches across by 5 3/4 inches high. The covers are loose from the original string tie. There are some chips to page edges/corners and some stains on a few page edges/corners.

On the positive side, the chromolith printing is very high quality with colors and detailing of images very impressive.
When you're looking at the inventor's photos on the right, the left side will have a short description of what they did.

So this is just in fair condition. But 'Fair' for this rarity is fantastic.

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1888 WORLD'S INVENTORS Allen & Ginter Tobacco Card Book


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