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Since most of us can't afford true ancient artifacts and jewels, Alva Museum Replicas helped us out by making museum ancient treasure replicas from about 1960 through the 1990s.

They replicated this large goldtone pendant in 1974 after the original Flying Horse of Kansu was discovered in China.

This large vintage goldtone pendant measures 2 3/4 inches across and hangs on its original gilded silvertone link chain that's 22 inches around. There's a secure foldover clasp.

The back is marked ALVA MUSEUM REPLICAS - 1974.

There's wear to the goldtone chain. The pendant shows a slight patch of surface sheen wear at edge.

Overall in very good vintage condition. This necklace is a great historic piece, made with museum approval. (Read the story below.)

The Flying Horse of Kansu
Wu-Wei Province, China. Eastern Han Dynasty

This artist's interpretation of the famous flying horse of Kansu was created for Alva Museum Replicas to commemorate the first exhibition from the Peoples Republic of China of ancient art excavated since 1949. The original bronze sculpture in the round was discovered in 1969. It is the work of an unknown Chinese sculptor depicting a horse with one hoof balanced fleetingly on a flying swallow as though the bird is a stepping stone in mid-air for the flying horse.

Since the only horse known to the Chinese until 138 BC was a small steppe pony, these tall horses, which came to China from what is now Russian Central Asia, in the first century AD captured the admiration of the Chinese, who called them "heavenly" or "celestial" horses. Experts differ as to the horses movement -- whether it is galloping or what western equestrians would call pacing. The artist who conceived it, however, clearly intended it to be flying, unlike any of the thirty eight other horses found in the same tomb. This remarkable sculpture discovered so recently has already taken a preeminent place among the great art treasures of the world.

Copyrighted design in gold electroplated pewter by Alva Museum Replicas, Inc. New York.

Alva Studios, operated by Alfred Wolkenberg. Alfred was born in Vienna in 1911 and immigrated to the US in 1939. In 1948 he founded Alva Studios of Long Island City, NY. He had many artists and designers who were commissioned to produce reproductions of priceless ancient jewelry and sculpture. The pieces were marked Alva Museum Replicas and sold at famous museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art ( MMA ), Smithsonian Institute ( SI ), The Louvre, The Art Institute of Chicago, etc...

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Pendant 2 3/4 inches - Chain 22 inches
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Vintage ALVA MUSEUM Large Flying Horse Pendant Necklace


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