You do it all the time...every day, every minute. You do it and you're not thinking about it at all. You just do it automatically. Breath in. Breath out.

Now, try a breath with attention to it. Close your eyes (after you read this...), take in a deep breath through nose or mouth or both, hold it for a second at the top, and then let it out as slowly as you can. Imagine pulling in a lot of positive energy on the breath going in and when you breathe out, let go of all the CO2, stress and cobwebs you carry around. Feels good, doesn't it?

This is one of those bracelets that's hard to ignore. It reminds you to BREATHE. Not like an automaton but with purpose, when you want to relax, calm down, rev up to exercise, or just get some good deep oxygen into the bloodstream, circulating to the brain and down to the toes so that you feel more alive and awake.

The bracelet is made of solid sterling silver. It's measures 7 inches around the inside including the gap. It's 1/4 inch wide. It weighs 18.3 grams. Inside is marked (looks like S B) - STERLING. Minimal signs of wear. The silver patina is mostly bright but we didn't polish it.

Excellent vintage condition. Listen to your bracelet.

Here's some more on the topic...

Breathing is the simplest and most direct way to bring the mind together with the body. As the lynchpin in the mind-body connection, breathing anchors all mindfulness practices as well as most forms of meditation. It happens automatically and unconsciously—you don’t have to think about breathing to stay alive; it just happens. ( breathing is also one of the very few involuntary bodily functions over which you can exert intentional influence; you can deliberately modify how you breathe in ways that promote health, well-being, and mindful awareness. Breathing intentionally is one of the most elemental yet powerful ways to bring yourself to present-moment awareness, quiet the mind, and self-calm.

When you breathe in deeply on your inhale, you take more air into your lungs, which means more oxygen enters the bloodstream, where it circulates throughout the body to the brain and vital organs. Breathing out fully upon exhale expels more carbon dioxide (CO2)—a waste product generated as your body uses up oxygen—from your body. When CO2 accumulates in the body past a certain point, it causes adverse effects on nervous system, respiratory, and cardiac functioning. So when you don’t exhale completely, carbon dioxide remains in the body and accumulates in your cells, producing fatigue and causing you to yawn, diminishing mental clarity and increasing stress. Exhaling fully also makes it easier to breathe in more oxygen on the subsequent inhale. In a messy world, breathing is a good way to let go, find peace, and avoid yawning on an important dinner date.

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Designer, Estate, Fine, Signed
Late 20th Century
Sterling Silver


Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet w/ Important Reminder


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