Dynamic Vintage Tiger Eye Stone Bead NecklaceDynamic Vintage Tiger Eye Stone Bead NecklaceDynamic Vintage Tiger Eye Stone Bead NecklaceDynamic Vintage Tiger Eye Stone Bead Necklace

People have a lot to say about Tiger Eye stone, attributing all sorts of powers and meanings to it. Bottom line...Tiger or Tiger's eye is a chatoyant gemstone that is usually a metamorphic rock with a golden to red-brown color and a silky luster. But when you look at Tiger Eye, it definitely seems to be looking back at you.

Our take on this tiger eye stone necklace is that you can't wear it and stay passive. The look of it...the weight of it...the flash of stripes that seem to move, it's tiger eye meets the eye of the tiger. They're interwoven...same thing but just a switch of words. Tiger eye seems to inspire boldness, action, focus. It seems to channel the qualities of a tiger and is probably how it got its name.

Thousands of years ago, the golden brown quartz was carved into amulets and talismans worn by Roman soldiers. It was also a treasured stone in Chinese jewelry.

So this tiger eye necklace measures 25 inches long and the stones are up to 3/4 inch wide. The necklace weighs 122 grams. There's a secure screw barrel closure.

Will this necklace give you 'powers'? Possibly. Will it inspire you? Probably. Will you love it? Definitely.

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25 inches long - 3/4 inch wide
Beads, Stone
Brown, Yellow

Dynamic Vintage Tiger Eye Stone Bead Necklace


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