Yellow Fossil Coral and Cultured Freshwater Pearls with Black AgateYellow Fossil Coral and Cultured Freshwater Pearls with Black AgateYellow Fossil Coral and Cultured Freshwater Pearls with Black AgateYellow Fossil Coral and Cultured Freshwater Pearls with Black Agate

Lovely rectangles of yellow Fossil Coral each showing in detail the fossilized coral polyps, and two strands golden yellow cultured, freshwater rice pearls hang from black melon-shaped beads of black Agate. The combination is striking and the beads are beautiful! I have used gold-plated Pewter beads both smooth and faceted to highlight the larger beads and to add a sparkle to the pearls. The color for the year 2021 is yellow and it does not get more unique than this! A pair of single beaded drop earrings on 14k Gold-fill ear wires completes the set. Perfect for all seasons!

Agates are very fine crystalline quartz and are very durable semi-precious gemstones. Since Agate is laid down by nature in layers, they are often found in creatively striped. Agates are found all over the world and since ancient times have been considered a powerful healing stone, often worn as a talisman or amulet. Generally associated with courage, prudence and strength of emotion. It is the stone for the Zodiac sign of Gemini, and also for the 12th and 14th wedding anniversary.

Fossil Coral or Agatized Coral is ancient Coral, in which the dead Coral has been replaced over time with Agate, which is a fine crystalline quartz material. The 'flower' patterns of the original living coral polyps remain intact and provide wonderful patterns to the Agatized material. They usually come in yellow, white, brown and gray color, but also occasionally in red. In the USA, Agatized Coral can be found in Georgia and Florida.

14K Gold-Filled (14K GF) beads are made by bonding a layer of 14K gold with high pressure and heat to base metal and then shaped as desired. Industry standard requires that the quantity of gold be at least 1/20th of the total weight and the Karat measurement must be marked.

Length: 18 inches.

Beading Wire: 0.19"/49 strand clear-coated stainless steel professional quality beading wire with 14K gold-fill crimps and crimp covers.

Bead size: 10 x 12 mm Coral rectangles; 4 x 5 mm rice Pearls; 9 mm Agate melons.

Earrings: On 14 K gold fill ear wires . Almost 1 and 1/4 inches from your piercing.

Care: Clean with soft fabric, or non-abrasive polishing cloth. Avoid direct contact with perfumes, hairspray, and deodorants. Jewelry should be worn after application of cosmetics. Store wrapped in soft fabric or sealed in plastic bag.

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Photographs by Michael Santerre.
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OOAK One-of-a-Kind
Black, Gold, Yellow
Agate, Coral, Cultured Pearl, Freshwater Pearl
18 inches

Yellow Fossil Coral and Cultured Freshwater Pearls with Black Agate


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