Blue Skies Earrings with Kyanite, Freshwater Cultured Pearls and Bird CharmBlue Skies Earrings with Kyanite, Freshwater Cultured Pearls and Bird CharmBlue Skies Earrings with Kyanite, Freshwater Cultured Pearls and Bird Charm

I looked up and I saw clear blue skies, with white puffy clouds and care free birds flying around. These earrings capture those moments of joy! I have used oval Kyanite beads to depict the blue sky with streaks of white, white freshwater pearl nuggets for the clouds and flying bird charms. They all dangle from 14k gold-filled earwires. These earrings are light and fun to wear, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and all those you meet!

Kyanite gets its name from the Greek word for blue 'kyanos'. But it can also be found in green, gray and white color. The color is usually found in streaks in the gemstone with a pearly luster. It is found in North Carolina and Georgia in the USA, and in Brazil, India, Kenya and Russia outside the USA. It is associated with tranquility, conveying a sense of calmness and serenity. It is also associated with the zodiac signs of Aries, Taurus and Libra.

Pearls are thought to represent innocence and integrity. A favorite with brides. It is the birthstone for June. Cultured Pearls are formed in both marine and freshwater bivalve mollusks (oysters, mussels, etc.) when irritating ‘foreign’ substances become trapped within the folds of the bivalve’s mantle. Not all such ‘pearls’ can be used for jewelry. Natural pearls are formed without any human intervention and are quite rare and hence very valuable. Cultured pearls are mass-produced in a ‘pearl farm’ where humans introduce the irritating substance into the mollusks to create the pearl. Most freshwater pearls are cultured pearls formed within mussels.

Length: 3 inches from your piercing.

Bead size: 10 x 17 mm Kyanite ovals; about 8 x 11 mm Pearl nuggets; 20 mm bird charm.

All ear wires from Sundancegems come with a clear medical grade PVC ear clutch or stopper. These fit snug on the ear wire, and prevent you from loosing your earrings.

Care: Clean with soft fabric, or non-abrasive polishing cloth. Avoid direct contact with perfumes, hairspray, and deodorants. Jewelry should be worn after application of cosmetics. Store wrapped in soft fabric or sealed in plastic bag.

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Photographs by Michael Santerre.
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OOAK One-of-a-Kind
Gold-filled, Beads
Blue, Gold, White
Cultured Pearl, Freshwater Pearl
3 inches

Blue Skies Earrings with Kyanite, Freshwater Cultured Pearls and Bird Charm


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