c1825 Hand Woven on Loom Overshot Coverlet Piece framed under glass (red, dark blue, white)c1825 Hand Woven on Loom Overshot Coverlet Piece framed under glass (red, dark blue, white)c1825 Hand Woven on Loom Overshot Coverlet Piece framed under glass (red, dark blue, white)c1825 Hand Woven on Loom Overshot Coverlet Piece framed under glass (red, dark blue, white)c1825 Hand Woven on Loom Overshot Coverlet Piece framed under glass (red, dark blue, white)c1825 Hand Woven on Loom Overshot Coverlet Piece framed under glass (red, dark blue, white)c1825 Hand Woven on Loom Overshot Coverlet Piece framed under glass (red, dark blue, white)c1825 Hand Woven on Loom Overshot Coverlet Piece framed under glass (red, dark blue, white)c1825 Hand Woven on Loom Overshot Coverlet Piece framed under glass (red, dark blue, white)

Small piece of antique hand woven overshot coverlet framed under glass and dating from ca 1800 to 1850, hence a c1825 mid-date (see all nine Photos). This antique textile fragment was likely saved from a full size coverlet that may have had special sentimental value, however such intimate information if true has sadly been lost over the intervening decades. The original coverlet must have been near the end of its life when it was cut up and parts of it were framed. The frame it is in is probably about 45 to 75 years old, made out of wood and hand painted in semi-flat black with parts accented in gold semi-gloss enamel (see Photos 4, 6, 9).

The dyed filaments are wool threads that were formed using a spinning wheel and then made into yarn. The red is made by using either madder root or crushed cochineal (i.e., dried bodies of female Mexican insects that feed on cactus) to create the dye, whereas the blue coloring is created with indigo. The white threads appear to be composed of cotton filaments but absolute verification would require removing the paper backing and dissembling the professional mounting, something that is better left to the next owner to undertake should such conformation be sought. As for now, the mounting and framing of the fabric are being left as they have been for many decades. Consequently, this coverlet piece has not been removed from its frame and the fabric itself remains tightly mounted. Photo 2 shows the back of the frame which is covered by a tight paper backing. There are the tips of six metal mounting fasteners visible along back of the frame that presumably bind the fabric to the back of the frame. The painting of the frame and the professional mounting work were possibly done some 45 to 75 years ago.

The original coverlet that this piece came from was in all likelihood American-made and the materials appear to be cotton filaments for the white threads that form the background and wool filaments dyed either red or dark blue for the overshoot threads used to create the yarn(Photos 1, 7 and 8). The woven pattern itself is purely geometric where one side is dominated by blue and white with smaller red segments scattered here and there and the reverse side dominated by red and white with smaller blue segments conversely scattered about. For a brief overview of American woven coverlets from the late 1700s to about 1900, see Ralph Kovel and Terry Kovel’s ‘Know your Antiques’ pages 212 to 221 (published by Crown Publishers, N.Y. 1969 reprint; see also an article by Irma Pilling Anderson titled ‘Ohio Coverlets’ and published in The Magazine Antiques, January, 1946: pages 56-57). These two sources identify the four main types of American woven coverlets of which the overshot coverlet is the oldest and was initially produced at home before local master weavers were able to fill the demand from those families who no longer wished to produce their own textiles.

So if you are looking for a nice professionally framed antique piece of an overshot woven three color coverlet, then make sure you seriously consider this one while it is still available. And as always, this framed textile piece also comes with my Docs Antiques 100% satisfaction guarantee or you may return it using my return policy (see complete Return Policy details farther below). You also have the option to ask for a customized lay-away plan for purchasing this item (and others when combining orders) by simply requesting the terms you wish to use and then let Doc take care of setting it up and combining any items together as desired (payment installments may be modified at any time should the unexpected ever arise, just let me know by email and I’ll change the due dates).

SIZE and CONDITION: The wood frame holding this piece of coverlet measures 6 7/8 inches by 5 7/8 inches and extends back about 7/8 inches in depth (Photos 1 and 9). Glass covers the piece of woven fabric and the fabric itself is professionally mounted and held tightly in place with metal fasteners. The back of the frame is sealed by paper as shown in Photo 2. There is a very small section of the woven textile measuring about 1/2 inches square where some of the white background threads have unraveled. But as Photos 1 and 3 illustrate, the dark blue threads remain intact and so this worn area is not readily apparent (see all Photos). Of course, if the buyer is not completely satisfied, then she/he may return this item for a refund as long as it is sent back in the same condition as originally listed (see our complete return policy for all details as stated below).

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c1825 Hand Woven on Loom Overshot Coverlet Piece framed under glass (red, dark blue, white)

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