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c1810 Hand blown Flint Glass Wine Rinse or Cooler with ground and polished Pontilc1810 Hand blown Flint Glass Wine Rinse or Cooler with ground and polished Pontilc1810 Hand blown Flint Glass Wine Rinse or Cooler with ground and polished Pontilc1810 Hand blown Flint Glass Wine Rinse or Cooler with ground and polished Pontilc1810 Hand blown Flint Glass Wine Rinse or Cooler with ground and polished Pontilc1810 Hand blown Flint Glass Wine Rinse or Cooler with ground and polished Pontilc1810 Hand blown Flint Glass Wine Rinse or Cooler with ground and polished Pontilc1810 Hand blown Flint Glass Wine Rinse or Cooler with ground and polished Pontilc1810 Hand blown Flint Glass Wine Rinse or Cooler with ground and polished Pontil

Antique hand blown lead crystal glass wine rinser with classic double spouts and a simple bucket shaped body (see all nine Photos). The two hand tooled pouring lips (aka rim spouts) are designed to hold or seat wine glass stems so that the user can wash (rinse) his or her wine glass by gently twisting or rolling the stem between their fingers while keeping the bowl of the glass submerged in the water held by the wine rinser (see Photos 2, 5 and 8). At other times or on other occasions, the wine glass rinser functioned instead as a wine glass cooler. Ice placed in with the water in the wine rinser cooled the water and chilled the glasses placed in the vessel.

This flint glass wine rinser is about 200 years old and was produced between about 1790 and 1830, hence the c1810 mid-date. It was hand blown into a short dip mold to achieve the well defined basal angle (see Photos 3 and 7). After that, the glass blower would have cut the partly formed gather with shears to make the rim and then attached a pontil rod to the rinser’s base so that the worker could fire polish and finish the rim. The glass worker use pincers to form the two spouts by hand tooling the rim.

This wine rinser is possibly American, but could also be English or Irish in origin although glass rinsers from these two other countries typically, but not always, have cut glass patterns, panels and flutes. The large round basal cut on this wine rinser was used to remove the extra pontil glass left on the bottom the rinser after the pontil rod was detached. Some of the glass in the pontil area was also detached from the underside of rinser leaving a negative pontil scar that is still evident today (see Photos 3 and 6). Grinding down the pontil area removed all the extra pontil glass leaving a large concave depression about 3 1/8 inches across that was subsequently perfectly polished to remove grinding haze (see Photos 3 and 6).

The wine glass rinser listed here is made of high quality flint glass that is clear with a slight grayish tint. It has about a dozen tiny air bubbles scattered throughout and just a couple of very tiny opaque inclusions. The rinser rings like a high pitched bell when gently tapped with a pencil and displays the effects of hand blowing and hand tooling as already mentioned. The glass in this rinser is leaded crystal that fluoresces purplish white in short wave UV light as demonstrated in the last Photo (see Photo 9). Nonleaded glass and common soda glass fluoresce yellow as the small cordial and tumbler illustrate in Photo 9. None of the other glass vessels shown in Photos 5, 8 and 9 are for sale here. Only the double spouted wine glass rinser shown all by itself in the first four photos as well as in the sixth and seventh photos is for sale in this listing.

Last of all and as noted above, wine glass rinsers were used to clean wine glasses between different courses of wines or beverages. They become fashionable in the late 1700s and continue to be popular for about 100 years in the United States. Blown glass finger bowls also come into fashion at about the same time. And as noted, wine rinsers were also used to chill glasses in regions where pond ice was harvested during the winter and then stored for use during warmer seasons. After the railroads expanded southward, ice was shipped by rail car to many large cities across the southern US. So whether you collect antique finger bowls, wine coolers/rinsers, wine glasses or are simply looking for a fine late Georgian or Federal period glass wine rinser in excellent condition (see condition notes below), then this may be just the one for you. And as always, this flint glass rinser also comes with my Docs Antiques 100% satisfaction guarantee or you may return it using my return policy (see full Return Policy details farther below). You also have the option to ask for a customized lay-away plan for purchasing this item (and others when combining orders) by simply requesting the terms you wish to use and then let me take care of setting it up and combining any items together as desired (payment installments may be modified at any time should the unexpected ever arise, just let me know by email and I’ll change the due dates).

SIZE: This wine rinse stands about 3 3/4 inches tall, measures about 4 1/2 inches across at its rim and expands to about 5 3/8 inches across from outer-most spout lip to opposite outer spout lip. The large ground and polished concave spherically pontil area on its base or underside measures about 3 1/8 inches in diameter and is recessed upward about 1/4 inches. The pushed up base forms a small convex hump that is raised up about 1/2 inches above the exterior basal foot.

CONDITION: This wine cooler or glass rinser is in excellent condition with no stains or haziness to the glass and no chips, cracks, repairs or restorations. The rim and spouts have no dings or chips and the base has no deep scratches or small chips. There is one short scratch 5/8 inches long below a spout, and moderate but appropriate basal wear from use and display. The two pouring or resting lips are in perfect condition. Wear is evident along the outer edge of base and can be seen when viewed under reflected light up close. This is a wonderful hand blown and tooled wine rinse that is in excellent condition as noted. Of course, if the buyer is not completely satisfied, then she/he may return this antique glass rinser for a refund when sent back to the seller within the allotted time (see our full refund policy noted below).

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c1810 Hand blown Flint Glass Wine Rinse or Cooler with ground and polished Pontil


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