c1845 Hand Blown Ruby Red Full Size Wine Glass with Wheel Engraved Fruiting Vine motif and rough Pontilc1845 Hand Blown Ruby Red Full Size Wine Glass with Wheel Engraved Fruiting Vine motif and rough Pontilc1845 Hand Blown Ruby Red Full Size Wine Glass with Wheel Engraved Fruiting Vine motif and rough Pontilc1845 Hand Blown Ruby Red Full Size Wine Glass with Wheel Engraved Fruiting Vine motif and rough Pontilc1845 Hand Blown Ruby Red Full Size Wine Glass with Wheel Engraved Fruiting Vine motif and rough Pontilc1845 Hand Blown Ruby Red Full Size Wine Glass with Wheel Engraved Fruiting Vine motif and rough Pontilc1845 Hand Blown Ruby Red Full Size Wine Glass with Wheel Engraved Fruiting Vine motif and rough Pontilc1845 Hand Blown Ruby Red Full Size Wine Glass with Wheel Engraved Fruiting Vine motif and rough Pontilc1845 Hand Blown Ruby Red Full Size Wine Glass with Wheel Engraved Fruiting Vine motif and rough Pontil

Antique hand blown and engraved full size Ruby Red wine glass with a cup bowl on a drawn stem attached to a flattened conical base with rough snapped pontil (see all 9 photos). The bowl is decorated with a copper wheel engraved motif that was popular in the 19th century and this particular example dates from the c1830 to c1860 period, hence the c1845 mid-date. The engraved design consists of a vine with fine tendrils sprouting from a cluster of grapes adjacent to large leaves and is repeated three times around the exterior circumference of the bowl (see Photo 2). An early version of this fruiting vine motif occurs in the mid 1700s on both lead glass (flint glass) and nonleaded glass wine glasses, decanters and tablewares produced in Great Britain and the Continent (see McKearin and McKearin 1941:Plate 44: Decanter #10, c1800-1835). Many fruiting vine stemware glasses from the early to mid 1800s are either cordials or small wine glasses typically between 3 1/2 to 4 1/4 inches tall. The antique wine glass listed here is a full 5 3/8 inches tall and is comparatively hard to find today in Ruby Red glass.

The ruby red color on this glass was applied only to the exterior of the vessel by painting the surface with a specially prepared metallic oxide colorant. The colorant would mature deep red and become bonded to the glass upon being reheated. The inner body or core of this wine glass, however is composed of clear glass and wherever the thin surface coating has been removed by the force of a spinning copper wheel, the underlying clear glass is exposed (see Photos 2, 3, 4 and 6 for illustration). The clear glass core may be made of leaded glass (aka lead crystal) or common soda glass lacking lead.

Collectors often confuse the terms cased glass, flashed glass and stained glass when discussing antique Ruby Red glass. Most Ruby Red glass is created by staining or coating clear glass with a thin coating of metallic oxides as noted above. The colorant added to create red stained glass is extremely thin and nearly invisible perceptively in terms of thickness. Cased glass on the other hand is created by physically layering and bonding two or more colored glasses together in such a way that the different layers are readily visible. The resulting product may also be referred to as overlay glass. The colloquial definition of flashed glass is imprecise because collectors have used it to refer to both cased glass or stained glass vessels without consistency.

This wine glass was likely produced in Bohemia where glass making had been practiced for centuries and local forests offered abundant fuel for melting the sand. Copper wheel engraving was a method of grinding or inscribing glass that was also developed centuries ago. It used a stream of fine wet sand that was captured by the flat edge of a rotating copper wheel. The sand would bite or grind into the surface of the glass by way of the copper wheel. When the surface was stained red, the red color was removed and the copper wheel engraving left behind a frosted or matte-like texture in the underlying clear glass. On some glass objects, the frosted areas would be polished smooth so that the glass would return to being perfectly clear. On the wine glass for sale here, the wheel engraved areas have been left unpolished and so appear frosted as originally altered by the copper wheel (see Photos 6 and 7).

Today, smaller red stained antique wine glasses and antique button stem cordials are much more common to encounter than full size wine glasses from the early to mid 1800s like the example offered here. The last Photo shows a smaller button stem antique wine glass from about 1840. These smaller size stemware pieces seem to have been the result of temperance groups pushing to restrict alcohol consumption and call for moderation. The large ruby red wine glass listed here is probably from Continental Europe and Bohemia rather than the United States or Great Britain. So if you are searching for a nice antique full size ruby red wine glass from about 175 years ago, then make sure you seriously consider this one while it is still available. And as always, this wine glass also comes with my Docs Antiques 100% satisfaction guarantee or you may return it using my return policy (see complete Return Policy details farther below). You also have the option to ask for a customized lay-away plan for purchasing this item (and others from my shop when combining orders) by simply requesting the terms you wish to use and then let Doc take care of setting it up and combining any items together as desired (payment installments may be modified at any time should the unexpected ever arise, just let me know by email and I’ll change the due dates)

SIZE: This wine glass stands about 5 3/8 inches tall and has a rim diameter of about 2 7/8 by 2 11/16 inches. The base is also about the same size as the rim and has a basal diameter of about 2 7/8 by 2 11/16 inches. This wine glass is perfect for displaying on a shelf, window sill, mantle, or along side a three ring decanter in a cabinet with other 150 to 200 year old antique glassware and ceramics.

CONDITION: This wine glass is in excellent condition and does not have any chips, hairlines, star cracks, cloudiness or stains, large scratches, repairs or restorations. It does have a few small production defects where the red stained surface was nicked leaving behind a small imperfection or where some small thread of extra glass dripped onto the bowl and also the base of the stem. Photos 7 and 8 show some of these tiny defects up closer (Photo 8 has pencil pointing to a thread of glass left behind as the base was attached to the bottom of the stem). The glass sits nearly flat with just a very slight wobble when prompted by tapping (a common feature of hand blown Ruby red wine glasses of the 1800s). A better full size antique wheel engraved fruiting vine wine glass would be hard to find today without having to pay a lot more than the amount asked here. And if the buyer is not completely satisfied, then she/he may return this wine glasses for a refund (see our refund policy noted below).

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c1845 Hand Blown Ruby Red Full Size Wine Glass with Wheel Engraved Fruiting Vine motif and rough Pontil

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