c1735 Pair of early Famille Rose Chinese Export Porcelain Miniature Beaker Vases from Toy Garniture Setc1735 Pair of early Famille Rose Chinese Export Porcelain Miniature Beaker Vases from Toy Garniture Setc1735 Pair of early Famille Rose Chinese Export Porcelain Miniature Beaker Vases from Toy Garniture Setc1735 Pair of early Famille Rose Chinese Export Porcelain Miniature Beaker Vases from Toy Garniture Setc1735 Pair of early Famille Rose Chinese Export Porcelain Miniature Beaker Vases from Toy Garniture Setc1735 Pair of early Famille Rose Chinese Export Porcelain Miniature Beaker Vases from Toy Garniture Setc1735 Pair of early Famille Rose Chinese Export Porcelain Miniature Beaker Vases from Toy Garniture Setc1735 Pair of early Famille Rose Chinese Export Porcelain Miniature Beaker Vases from Toy Garniture Setc1735 Pair of early Famille Rose Chinese Export Porcelain Miniature Beaker Vases from Toy Garniture Set

Antique pair of matching early Famille Rose Chinese polychrome export porcelain miniature beaker vases from a garniture set dating from ca 1725 to 1745, hence the c1735 mid-date (see All Photos). These two beakers are an original matching pair with each beaker being about 3 5/8 inches tall. They both have the same continuous body decoration and border banding. That is, each beaker has a matching trellis neck and base band as well as a Batavia brown enameled outer rim edge. Batavia brown decorative accents are also known by some collectors as Café au Lait or Dead Leaf Brown. Each beaker also has some very old repairs along their top flaring rim edges that are described in more detail below (see full Condition notes below; also see Photo 9). Originally, these two beaker would have been part of a five piece garniture set that included a central large covered vase with a pair of flanking smaller baluster vases and then a pair of flanking beakers like the two offered here. A full size set would be displayed on a mantel over a fireplace whereas smaller sets could be used to decorate a small side table, shelf or window ledge.

The scene hand painted on each Beaker displays two roosters (or hens, see Photos 2, 3, 4 and 6) exchanging glances as they scavenge among sacred rocks in a Chinese garden with peonies and other flowering plants in bloom (see all photos). All of the polychrome enamel decoration, of course, is over the glaze and there is no underglaze cobalt blue on either beaker. There is, however a soft grayish-light blue overglaze enamel color present among all the overglaze colors used that is very distinctive (see Photos 2 and 4). This same distinctive grayish-light blue first appears on Chinese export porcelain wares starting in the late 1600s and then continues in fashion on some export wares up through the mid 1700s. This light blue is semitransparent only where it is most thinly applied. Transparency is also evident for the green (a yellowish-green), turquoise (blue green) and the thin iron red used to outline branches and flowers. The white and true pink enamels are opaque as expected, while the strong yellow, true black and reddish-rose colors are semitransparent and watery only where they are spread the thinnest (see Photo close-ups of rooster/hen and of the bottom parts of both beakers).

This same Chinese rooster/hem and garden motif was commissioned for export to the West (Europe and the Americas) and is found on other porcelain vessel forms and full size garniture sets of the same period.. For example, this same motif occurs on a 15 inch diameter charger (see Photo 6) held in a private collection a (see Jean McClure Mudge’s ‘Chinese Export Porcelain in North America’ published by Riverside Book Company, Inc. in 1986; page 79, Figure #121). Moreover, this same hand painted motif is found on a full size garniture set consisting of two beakers and three covered vases also assigned to the Qianlong dynasty and shown in Photo 8 (see Miller’s ‘Chinese & Japanese Antiques Buyer’s Guide’ revised in 2004; page 103). The beakers in the full size garniture set are about 9 1/2 inches tall (see Photo 8) and individually sold for about $2,250 USD each since the entire five piece set went for about $11,250 USD at an auction by Sotheby’s-London according to a 2004 monetary exchange update (Ibid. Pg 103). Further more, this full size garniture set (see last photo) also has damage, repairs and two replacement covers , yet still managed to command over $11,000. And depending on how one compares miniature garniture sets to full size sets, the miniatures beakers listed here are a true steal especially if one wanted to repair them professionally for resale. Finding the original miniature covered vases, however is the far more difficult task.

The two miniature Chinese beakers offered here are guaranteed to be from the early to mid 1700s. The foot ring on each beaker lacks glaze and has been knife cut and wiped during production and before firing in the kiln leaving behind concentric fine turning lines along each foot. The grayish-blue enamel shows tiny pitting from firing (kiln heat was slightly too hot) and the other enamel colors are true and correct for the period. The Batavia enamel is also correct and the shape and proportions of the beakers are perfect. The full size garniture beakers in Photo 7 are about 2.5 times the height of the miniature beakers listed here and share the exact same Beaker profile. Notably, the painted scene is about the same whether the pattern is rendering on a 3 3/4 inch beaker, or a 9.5 inch beaker, or a 15 inch diameter charger.

The photos help illustrate that the hand painted pattern remains the same no matter the size or form of the vessel used. The second to the last photo (Photo 8) shows the size of these miniature vases by placing them along side a full size Chinese export blue and white saucer from about 1725 (Bottom right in Photo 8, not for sale here), a full size Chinese saucer from about 1850 (notice how saucers increase in size; see Top left in Photo 8, not for sale here) and a handleless teacup from about 1790 (Top right in Photo 8, again not for sale here). You are only purchasing the two miniature Chinese porcelain beakers shown in the first five photos and also in Photo 9 (the last Photo). All other items illustrated here are not for sale in this listing and are for comparison only.

The 9th Photo (last Photo) show the extent of the rim damage on each beaker. The damaged areas were repaired more than half a century ago and the fill material was overpainted. One beaker has a tiny rim repair (see Top beaker in last Photo) while the other beaker has a rim repaired that extends along outer edge for about 1/3 of the is restricted to the outer portion since it penetrates only about 1/8 inches to a maximum 3/16 inches in from the outer rim edge (see Photo 9, bottom most Beaker). See the full Condition statement given farther below for more details.

In summary, this pair of miniature antique porcelain beakers are from the golden age of Chinese export where China catered to the proclivities and wants of European merchants for polychrome decorated wares. The rooster and hen images are said to symbolic of the Emperor and Empress of China and reserved for use on higher quality wares rather than common wares consumed by the masses (see Mudge, ibid: page 78). And so you may want to consider this pair of almost 300 year old Chinese Famille Rose export porcelain beakers while they are still available. Of course and as always, these two Beakers also come with a full satisfaction guarantee or the buyer may return both of them for a refund (pair sold as a single Lot and so must be returned together; see my full return policy below for all details, certain shipping costs & fees are nonrefundable).

SIZE: These two beakers are fully hand made and so they exhibit minor differences in physical dimensions, as one would normally expect. Beaker A is the label given here to the Beaker with the tiny rim repair and Beaker B is given to the one with the longer rim edge repair (see Photo 9). The outer most diameter of the rim on Beaker A is about 2 inches across and this is about 1/8 inch wider (broader) than the rim diameter of Beaker B. And so Beaker B has a slightly small rim diameter that measures about 1 7/8 inches across. The base or foot diameter on Beaker B is also slightly smaller and is about 1/16 inches less across than Beaker A. Beaker A’s base or foot has a diameter of 1 3/8 inches, whereas Beaker B has a base diameter of 1 23/64 inches across. Both Beakers are about the same in height with Beaker A being 3 3/4 inches tall and Beaker B just about 1/16 inches shorter at 3 11/16 inches in height.

CONDITION: The 9th Photo (last Photo) shows the extent of the rim damage on each beaker along the top of each vessel. The damaged areas were repaired probably more than half a century ago and the fill material added is still in place and was overpainted. Beaker A (as labeled above ) has a tiny rim repair that extends less than 1/8 inches into the top of the beaker runs about 3/8 inches long a long the outer edge (see Top beaker in last Photo). Beaker B has a very old repair that extends along the outer edge of its rim for about 1/3 of its outer most circumference and extends inward for 1/8 inches to a maximum 3/16 inches in from the outer edge (see Photo 9, bottom most Beaker). The soft fill material used still is in place although the overpainting has aged and worn off in spots (see Photos 5 and 9). Beyond the rim repairs and their underlying damage, both Beakers have no other chips, repairs or other damage such as deep scratches, stains, or hairlines. The original overglaze enamel decoration on each beaker is more than 99% intact when excluding the repaired and overpainted areas (see all Photos). And as always, if the buyer is not completely satisfied, then she/he may return the two Beakers for a refund when sent back within 14 days after original receipt at your address (see our full refund policy listed below).

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c1735 Pair of early Famille Rose Chinese Export Porcelain Miniature Beaker Vases from Toy Garniture Set

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