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c1805 Green Shelledge Pearlware sauce boat or pitcher by Davenport (aka Featheredge)c1805 Green Shelledge Pearlware sauce boat or pitcher by Davenport (aka Featheredge)c1805 Green Shelledge Pearlware sauce boat or pitcher by Davenport (aka Featheredge)c1805 Green Shelledge Pearlware sauce boat or pitcher by Davenport (aka Featheredge)c1805 Green Shelledge Pearlware sauce boat or pitcher by Davenport (aka Featheredge)c1805 Green Shelledge Pearlware sauce boat or pitcher by Davenport (aka Featheredge)c1805 Green Shelledge Pearlware sauce boat or pitcher by Davenport (aka Featheredge)c1805 Green Shelledge Pearlware sauce boat or pitcher by Davenport (aka Featheredge)c1805 Green Shelledge Pearlware sauce boat or pitcher by Davenport (aka Featheredge)

Antique transitional pearlware sauce or gravy boat with a nicely delineated shell edge pattern accented in green and offset just below the rim (please see all photos). It dates from the 1795 to 1815 period. Many collectors also refer to this crenulated rim pattern as feather-edge although Staffordshire potters originally called it shell edge well back in the late 1700s after Josiah Wedgwood first perfected the rim treatment (see next paragraph). In a Wedgwood catalog of creamware and pearlware plate shapes issued by his pottery in about 1802, this rim pattern is listed as ‘Shell Edge’ and differentiated from older plate shapes produced in creamware that consisted of a different repetitive fronded edge motif called Feather Edge (see Ivor Noel Hume’s article ‘Creamware to Pearlware: A Williamsburg Perspective’ page 222 in Ceramics In America edited by Ian M.G. Quimby 1973).

The earliest Shell edge rim pattern on English Staffordshire wares was developed by Josiah Wedgwood about 1772 on creamware and then popularized on his new whiter pearlware glaze after 1779. However, Wedgwood's rim pattern was actually an adaptation of the French rococo shell rim patterns first developed by faience potters in the 1750s and then copied by porcelain manufacturers in the 1760s and 1770s before being modified by Wedgwood and used on his creamware and pearlware in the late 1700s. Early examples had asymmetrically wavy and lobed rims that eventually were succeeded by symmetrically lobes edged.

The sauce boat listed here has the wavy rim edge offset from the actually rim itself providing yet another variant of this very popular rim design from the 1795 to 1815 period. By 1825, the typical shell edge plate rim had smaller rim lobes producing a cockled edge with some 45 to 64 edge cockles. Cobalt blue was the most popular color used to accent shell edge vessels while green, purple, brown and red accented shell edge wares were less commonly produced. Excavations of house sites in America dating from 1780 to 1820 seem to indicate a strong preference for blue shell edge plates among fashionable urban households and a greater frequency of fragments of green shell edge plates among the refuse discarded by rural households.

The sauce boat for sale here is impressed with the pottery’s name ‘Davenport’ place above an anchor. This particular mark was used by Davenport between about 1795 and 1815 period when lower case letters were over a more up-turned anchor (see Godden 1964: page 189, mark #1179 and # 1181). After 1810, Davenport used all upper case letters to spell its name and the anchor was modified. In the 1820s, Davenport added the two digit year of production along the shaft of the anchor. Consequently, the style of the Davenport anchor mark on this sauce pitcher places it in the 1795 to 1815 period, hence the c1805 mid-date. So if you are looking for a nice antique pearlware sauce boat from the Davenport pottery in Staffordshire, England, then make sure you seriously consider this one while it is still available. And as always, this 210 year old ceramic vessel also comes with my Docs Antiques 100% satisfaction guarantee or you may return it using my return policy for a refund (see full Return Policy details farther below).

SIZE: This sauce boat stands 3 1/2 inches tall at the handle (maximum height) whereas its rim is about 2 1/2 inches tall along its middle section. The vessel measures 6 7/8 inches long and has a maximum width of about 3 1/8 inches across. It is a nice size for displaying on a shelf or counter or in a china cabinet or hutch and will certainly capture attention and interest in most any setting.

CONDITION: This sauce boat is in very good condition with just one very tight hairline that is hard to see on the exterior and measures 3/4 inches long on the interior. It is shown in the last two photos up close with a pencil pointing to it. Beyond this, the sauce boat has no other damage and no chips, no stains, no repairs and no restorations. The handle and rim or pouring spout are perfect and if the buyer is not completely satisfied, then she/he may return this item for a refund (see our refund policy noted below).

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c1805 Green Shelledge Pearlware sauce boat or pitcher by Davenport (aka Featheredge)


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