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c1755 English Lambeth polychrome Delft Plate with Oriental Garden motif (five colors)c1755 English Lambeth polychrome Delft Plate with Oriental Garden motif (five colors)c1755 English Lambeth polychrome Delft Plate with Oriental Garden motif (five colors)c1755 English Lambeth polychrome Delft Plate with Oriental Garden motif (five colors)c1755 English Lambeth polychrome Delft Plate with Oriental Garden motif (five colors)c1755 English Lambeth polychrome Delft Plate with Oriental Garden motif (five colors)c1755 English Lambeth polychrome Delft Plate with Oriental Garden motif (five colors)c1755 English Lambeth polychrome Delft Plate with Oriental Garden motif (five colors)c1755 English Lambeth polychrome Delft Plate with Oriental Garden motif (five colors)

Antique Lambeth (High Street, south London) five-color polychrome delftware plate dating from about 1755 and decorated with a stylized Chinoiserie ‘rock and garden’ scene as well as three floral rim sprays (see all photos). This is the second of two tin glazed plates I have in this same pattern (the first plate sold and so is no longer available). Both plates display a notable greenish tinted tin glaze that mimics the glaze hue of some of the Chinese porcelain of the early to mid 1700s. In fact, the second to the last photo shows a Chinese blue and white porcelain plate with a similar garden scene (labeled as Place D, lower right plate) along with two mid-1700s delft plates and all three have tinted glazes (Plate A is like the plate offered here, but has already been sold, and Plate C is a different example of a delftware plate with a garden scene). All three plates display floral sprays painted in sets of three along their rims and marlys.

The last photo shows the original pair of Lambeth delft plates in this particular motif and the plate for sale here is labeled Plate B (see last photo). Plate B is also the only plate shown in the first seven photos used by this listing. Plate B has a hairline crack that extends into the plate for 2 3/4 inches and is not as readily noticeable on the front of the plate as opposed the back or reverse side (see all Photos). The condition of Plate B, the plate listed for sale here is discussed in the Condition section father below. You are only purchasing the plate shown all by itself in the first seven photos.

The motif on this plate is an English adaptation of Chinese garden scene as noted above. It lacks capturing however, the same qualities and the garden plot has been depicted as a rectangle, the fences are absent and the bamboo has been depicted as a type of flowering willow-like tree. A peony flower has been added and is far too large for the scale of the rest of the scene. In this sense, the solid blue rectangle with yellow hole may actually depict a sacred garden rock and not a garden plot.

Much more notable are the three pairs of large dark blue trilobed leaves occupying the marly that have veins depicted by a sgraffito technique where the decorator applied the blue pigment first and then used a pointed tool to scratch through the blue pigment to create the allusion of plant veins. As an aside, the use of a scratching technique to create part of the decoration along the outer marly and rim seems to have been popular, but by no means dominant at Lambeth, Bristol and Liverpool between 1745 and 60 (see Anthony Ray’s ‘English Delftware Pottery in the Robert Hall Warren Collection’, published in 1968 by Boston Book & Art Shop: Catalogue Numbers 155, 29, 41, and also their associated photographs). And so based on several published references that also display the exact same polychrome pattern as the plate listed here, there seems to be a general consensus that this tin glazed plate was produced by the pottery located at Lambeth, High Street, within the 1740 to 1770 period and thus can be assigned a c1755 date (as a generalized mid-date of manufacture).

The painted enamel colors on this plate along with its greenish-gray tinted tin-glaze and shiny kwaart coating (lead glaze dusting added over the tin glaze) make the design stand out visually. The other colors include a notable dark ‘sealing wax’ red, bright antimony yellow, a distinctive mixed green that in places almost appears muddy blue green, and dark manganese purple as well as the dark blue. This distinctive color palette also occurs on some delftware attributed to Bristol, Liverpool and Brislington of the same period. However, a Lambeth attribution for this plate is well accepted by many authorities based on the early research done by Frederick H. Garner who recovered pieces of this same pattern from the Lambeth High Street pottery site and discussed them in an article published in the English Ceramic Circle in 1937, page 57 (see Plate XIV, B; also see Garner’s English Delftware book published by Faber and Faber in 1948).

Other examples of this exact same Lambeth pattern have been documented via extant antique plates and may be found in Frank Britton’s ‘London Delftware’ published in 1987 by Jonathan Horne (London; see Page 159, Plate 156), in Anthony Ray’s ‘English Delftware Pottery in the Robert Hall Warren Collection’ (published in 1968 by Boston Book & Art Shop: Catalogue Numbers 155) under Catalogue #163 and discussed on page 212 with a photograph of the example shown on Plate 82, and a pair of Lambeth delft plates in this same pattern may be seen in Miller’s Antiques Price Guide 2002, page 295 (depicted in color; and appraised at about $800 even with rim chips back some 12 years ago). All of these examples also display Lambeth’s characteristic green to greenish gray tinged glaze and exhibit moderate to thick potting (the plate here is fairly thin along its rim edge), and often display a shiny kwaart over coat (leaf glaze surface coating).

As noted above, you are only purchasing the one Lambeth delftware plate shown all by itself in the first seven photographs (none of the other plates shown are for sale here at this time). So whether you are a beginning collector, established dealer, or avid delftware connoisseur, do not miss out on your chance to acquire this polychrome plate which also comes with my 100% satisfaction guarantee or you may return it using my return policy for a refund (see full Return Policy details farther below).

SIZE: This plate measures about 8 7/8 inches across (diameter) and stands about 1 inch tall along its outer rim edge. It weighs a about 3/4 lbs and sits on footrim that has a diameter of about 5 1/8 inches across. This plate is a nice size for displaying on a shelf, mantle, table top or hutch, or hanging along a wall (use only safe plate hangers that will not chip the plate or add further stress) and is guaranteed to capture interest and conversation in most any setting.

CONDITION: This delftware plate would be in above average condition if it did not have a short crack that turns into a hairline. The crack is about 2 3/4 inches long, stable and tight. There is a tiny chip missing right along the outer most rim edge where the crack starts (see all photos). Photo #5 uses a pencil to show how far the crack extends along the face of the plate (crack stops at the pencil tip). Photo #6 shows the tiny chip missing along the rim of the plate and also how far the crack extends along the back side of the plate. Other than this one issue, the plate has just a few superficial glaze chips and nicks along its outer edge and no other cracks or hairlines (largest glaze chip is shown in Photo #7 with a black pen pointing to it). Furthermore, this plate has no stains, no knife cuts or utensil scratches, and no repairs or restorations. The glaze is covered with a shiny kwaart (lead glaze dusting) and exhibits some coarse glaze crazing and fine fissures that do not extend through the body of the plate. And as always, if the buyer is not 100% satisfied, then she/he may return this 260 year plate for a refund (please see our full refund policy as noted below).

SHIPPING: All US mainland buyers pay $11.80 for well packed and insured USPS Standard Post (this is an estimated savings of about $2 to $5 since insurance and tracking are also INCLUDED in this amount for all mainland US addresses). A faster shipping option is also offered (see shipping menu). No handling or packing fees are ever charged and fragile items like this plate are double packed for maximum protection. All international buyers will pay only the exact shipping costs for all verifiable locations outside the continental US mainland. We only use the USPS for International shipping to reduce broker fees and some Custom’s charges when an item is over 100 years old. We always encourage the International buyer to select an International shipping option that also provides insurance against loss or damage, and ask the International customer to send us their address for an email quote covering all insured International shipping options to your location. To date, we have shipped fragile items to 28 countries around the globe and have not had any items lost or broken, however this fact does not guarantee that no postal mishandling will ever occur in the future. Also, please note that International import duties, taxes and other charges are not included in the item price or shipping costs and these additional charges are the Buyer's responsibility. We do offer a petition for VAT relief on the behalf of the buyer which may help reduce certain import taxes should your country allow such petitions for items over 100 years old. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to purchasing this item -- thanks.

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c1755 English Lambeth polychrome Delft Plate with Oriental Garden motif (five colors)


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