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c1840 Red and Light Blue Sponged Spatterware 15+ inch Platter with large Adams Rosec1840 Red and Light Blue Sponged Spatterware 15+ inch Platter with large Adams Rosec1840 Red and Light Blue Sponged Spatterware 15+ inch Platter with large Adams Rosec1840 Red and Light Blue Sponged Spatterware 15+ inch Platter with large Adams Rosec1840 Red and Light Blue Sponged Spatterware 15+ inch Platter with large Adams Rosec1840 Red and Light Blue Sponged Spatterware 15+ inch Platter with large Adams Rosec1840 Red and Light Blue Sponged Spatterware 15+ inch Platter with large Adams Rosec1840 Red and Light Blue Sponged Spatterware 15+ inch Platter with large Adams Rosec1840 Red and Light Blue Sponged Spatterware 15+ inch Platter with large Adams Rose

Stunning antique two-color spatterware platter (sponged) with large hand painted Adam's Rose motif from the 1835 to 1845 period, hence the c1840 mid-date. This is a moderately large late pearlware platter compared to many that are offered on the market today and it measures 15 1/4 inches end to end (or 16 1/4 inches maximum on the diagonal). It has no repairs and just two small chips on its backside that are not visible from the front (see all photos, also read full Condition notes below). The sponged blue is an appealing light blue that when combined with the sponged iron red produces a third color, purple. The green completes this palette and along with the large Adams Rose gives this platter an attractive but simple charm. And some 170 to 185 years ago, this type of sponged decoration was imported by the shipload into major ports cities along the eastern seaboard as well as into New Orleans and inland up the Mississippi and Ohio river basins. It offered rural families a bright and cheerful alternative to the more expensive and somber flow blue and dark historical blue patterns or Chinese export porcelain patterns purchased by the more well to do urban classes.

Although this platter has no makers names or pottery marks to indicate the company that produced it, the octagonal shape and method of decoration indicate it was produced in Great Britain between 1835 and 1845 (see Earl F. Robacker and Ada F. Robacker's `Spatterware and Sponge' published in 1978 by A.S. Barnes and Company, NY). This same octagonal shape was used to produce platters with blue, red or green shell edges (aka known as featheredge decoration among many collectors/dealers), or with dark flow blue prints as well as with romantic transfer patterns or printed and hand accented floral patterns. The only mark on the back of this platter is an impressed `14' to signify the stock number of the blank (the name given to an undecorated and unglazed piece pottery). When spatterware decorated pieces but with different central motifs do have pottery name impressed on them, the names include W. Adams & Sons, Davenport, Harvey, and Riley to name a few example (Robacker & Robacker 1978).

The decoration on this platter required some skill to keep the spattered decoration from looking smudged or smeared. A sponge dipped in cobalt blue pigment was systematically and repeatedly dabbed along the rim at precisely equal spacing to produce a pleasing pattern and then a second sponge was used to add the red coloring to give the overall spatter-like effect. Superimposing two sponged patterns over each other in precisely the same systematic spacing required discipline. And to achieve this evenly, the decorator had to carefully apply the pigment without overlapping it too much or without leaving any major gaps. Otherwise, if their placement was not perfectly matched, the muddled result would be readily apparent and easily noticed by all but the most artistic impaired viewer. In the mid 1840s, sponges cut into floral and geometric patterns added yet another cheap line of colorful Staffordshire wares that are today called design or stick spatter by many collectors and dealers (see Robacker and Robacker 1978: pages 51 to 64, also pp. 74 to 98). The platter offered here dates from before this change and hand painting was still being used to add floral centers or other motifs. The last photograph shows this platter next to several other spatterware and Adam's Rose items for comparison only (these other items are not for sale here, but some may be found in my other listings unless no longer available). You are purchasing only the platter shown by itself in the first eight photos.

Finally, besides the red, green and blue, there is also a fourth color, black also used on the platter. It is limited to the two very thin stems drawn under the rose. These black stems are drawn with a pencil thin brush and are from the same brush that would be used to outline a peafowl, another highly collected spatterware pattern. However, in this instance the decorator selected the large rose motif that has become known among collectors as the Adam's Rose. According to some sources, it is called Adam's Rose since it was frequently painted on pottery produced by the William Adams & Sons during the 1820 to 1840 period. Of course, other potteries in Staffordshire, Yorkshire, Wales, Leeds and elsewhere in Great Britain also produced versions of Adam's roses. But in the early to mid-1900s, many American collectors actually thought that these sponged spatterwares had once been produced in Pennsylvania by German immigrants (e.g., see Weygandt's `The Red Hills, 1929) . It took time and perseverance to demonstrate that most of these wares were made in the United Kingdom and not in America (only one pottery in the US may have made spatterware in the 1840 to 1845 period, it was the American Pottery Company, Jersey City, NJ). So if you are looking for a nice antique two color spatterware 15+ inch platter of a type that was once very common among lower to middle class households in the US, then make sure you seriously consider this one while it is still available. And as always, this platter also comes with my Docs Antiques 100% satisfaction guarantee or you may return it using my return policy for a refund (see full Return Policy details farther below).

SIZE: This platter measures about 15 1/4 inches long from end to end (or about 16 1/4 inches maximum on the diagonal) and stands about 1 1/2 inches tall along its rim. The platter measures 12 inches wide from side to side. It weighs nearly 3 1/4 lbs and sits on a flat base that measures 11 inches by 7 1/2 inches. This is a wonderful platter that displays well whether placed on a table, counter or held in a stand for placing on a shelf, mantle, or on top of a china cabinet or hutch and will certainly capture attention in most any setting.

CONDITION: This platter is in very good condition and has no repairs or restoration. It has just two small chips along its backside (top edge) that are not visible from the front (see all photos) and eight small spots of discoloration on its front. Pencils point to each chip and show that neither chip has cut through the rim and so they do not show on the front of the platter (see all photos where the pencils point to the chips). The spots are circular, light and faintly show up depending on lighting. The largest spot is about 3/4 inch across, the next about 1/2 inch across and the remaining six others about 1/4 inch across or less. is in very good condition with just one very tight hairline. Beyond these minor declarations, the platter has no other defects and no hairlines, no major scratches, only minor interior utensil wear, and no repairs. A better example in this same size would be hard to find toady without paying hundreds of dollars more than what is offered here. And best of all, if the buyer is not 100% satisfied, then she/he may return this platter for a refund (see our refund policy noted below).

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c1840 Red and Light Blue Sponged Spatterware 15+ inch Platter with large Adams Rose


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