c1825 Imari Japan Gilded Stone China Covered Supper Service Section in War Bonnet variant (Pattern #995)c1825 Imari Japan Gilded Stone China Covered Supper Service Section in War Bonnet variant (Pattern #995)c1825 Imari Japan Gilded Stone China Covered Supper Service Section in War Bonnet variant (Pattern #995)c1825 Imari Japan Gilded Stone China Covered Supper Service Section in War Bonnet variant (Pattern #995)c1825 Imari Japan Gilded Stone China Covered Supper Service Section in War Bonnet variant (Pattern #995)c1825 Imari Japan Gilded Stone China Covered Supper Service Section in War Bonnet variant (Pattern #995)c1825 Imari Japan Gilded Stone China Covered Supper Service Section in War Bonnet variant (Pattern #995)c1825 Imari Japan Gilded Stone China Covered Supper Service Section in War Bonnet variant (Pattern #995)c1825 Imari Japan Gilded Stone China Covered Supper Service Section in War Bonnet variant (Pattern #995)

Antique covered dish from an Imari-style English stone china supper service wheel that would have had a total diameter of about 19 inches (ca. 49 cm) when all sections were assembled. The pattern on both pieces listed here is the same and is one of many Imari Japan-style patterns popular in the 1815 to 1835 period produced by potteries in Great Britain. The delicacy of the finely painted red, yellow, maroon and orange accents on this dish and cover and the several shades of blue captured in the transfer printed parts of the pattern are most appealing. And the hand painted gold decoration accenting the large fruit finial knop on the cover visually stands out against the dark cobalt blue ground that was also added by hand.

The dish and cover listed here are just one of the four quarter sections that formed the outermost portion of a wheel-shaped supper service. The cover rests on the bowl section and catches the outer most edge of the outside of the bowl to sit securely. If one does not align the cover properly, it can slide and become misaligned. And the reason why these large diameter services came with covers was to keep the food warm and also prevent insects and soot from spoiling it. Typically, the four identical quarter sections would surround a central covered serving dish, compote, tureen or possibly even a cup stand (a stand for egg cups or custard cups, etc.). As a result, an entire segmented service wheels may consist of 17 to 25 separate pieces when all parts, stands and covers are counted. Needless to say, very few complete segmented service wheels are ever offered for sale today, however single pieces such as the quarter section listed here can be acquired from time to time.

The formal name of the decorative pattern on this quarter section is not known even though there is `995' hand written in red on the underside of the bowl along with a painters mark that look like a jet plane (see close up photo of Pattern number, and the painters mark is below the 995). The 995 is of course the pattern number assigned by the maker. The inside of the cover has two painters marks , one in red that looks like an infinity symbol (a figure 8 laid on its side) and another in gold that looks like a V or U with thick serifs). The only other mark is the blue printed IRONSTONE CHINA set inside a rectangle with double borders that is also located on the base of the bowl (see photo close up of marks). Many potteries throughout Staffordshire, Yorkshire, Swansea and Leeds used the `Ironstone China' label during the 1815 to 1850 period and most also included the pottery's name or initials. Far fewer potteries used just the Ironstone China label inside a rectangular border without any initials or pottery name and it is from this group that this particular quarter supper service originates.

And so at present, we do not know the name of the pottery that made this covered dish. If any viewer can help identify its maker, do kindly drop me an email - thanks. Some of the possible potteries that might have occasionally used a rectangular Ironstone China mark before 1835 may include: Adams, Davenport Minton, Ridgway, Wedgwood, Wood and Spode. Of course, Charles James Mason started this popular trend with his `Patent Ironstone China' for which he received his 1813 patent. But within a few subsequent years, the Ironstone China portion of Mason's trademark was soon being used by other potters also attempting to attract new customers with similar durable wares.

All of the blue leaves and flowers on these two vessels are transfer printed under the glaze whereas all of the red, yellow, maroon and orange colors are hand painted over the glaze with their outlines printed in blue under the glaze. The pattern on the two pieces is the same although the large fruit shaped finial on the cover straddles the primary motif also located in the center of the bowl. This central motif consists of a large tobacco-like leaf in red, a large red carnation and one other large flower in orange (see photo close-up showing the inside of the bowl). These three colorful flowers are surrounded by other flowers, bulbs and leaves printed in three shades of blue with red, yellow and maroon accents. All of these floral elements and leaves are contained within a shallow bowl that sits on four large leaves with thick white veins. This central motif is a very close variant of the War Bonnet motif found on Gaudy Dutch decorated pearlware and creamware of the 1815 to 1825 period (see John A. Shuman III's 1991 The Collector's Encyclopedia of Gaudy Dutch and Welsh: pages 54 to 56, also page 71 for price listing).

Several examples of a complete Spode wheel-shaped service set can be found in Robert Copeland's Spode Willow Pattern (1999 edition: see p114, fig 35, & p118, Fig 6) as well Coysh and Henrywood's Dictionary of Blue and White Printed Pottery 1780-1880 (Volume I edition 1993A: 353). And according to Coysh and Henrywood (1993A: pp 352), the original stimulus for these wheel-shaped services made up of of 15 to 27 parts came from Chinese export blue & white porcelain examples dating from the mid to late 1700s. As a result, one can easily state that these large wheel shaped services were first made for the wealthy classes and then trickled down to the upper middle class as less expensive sets were made in pearlware and ironstone china. The large dish and cover offered here dates from the 1820 to 1830 period, hence it is assigned a date of c1825. It is a wonderful and colorful example that could easily command $300 to $450 at a major antique show or store in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, London, etc. But unlike items sold at these upscale venues, this dish also comes with my Docs Antiques 100% satisfaction guarantee or you may return it using my return policy for a refund, satisfaction guaranteed.

SIZE: The quadrant bowl (bottom section) stands about 1 1/2 inches tall and measures about 13 1/2 inches across its longest dimension from outermost pointed corner across to opposite corner. The bowl is about 6 1/2 inches wide. The bowl section has no foot ring and sits on a flat base that repeats its primary shape. The cover is just slightly smaller in length and width, and measures about 13 inches long (greatest dimension)and about 6 inches wide. The cover stands about 2 1/4 inches tall and reaching a maximum height of 3 5/8 inches tall when measured to the very top of its gilded fruit finial. Both pieces are perfect for displaying on a shelf, table or mantle and can be placed apart (as hung on a wall) or together as a covered dish to capture attention in most any setting.

CONDITION: The decoration on pieces is in excellent condition with all overglaze enameling intact and not worn (see all photos). The bottom bowl section is perfect with no chips, no hairlines, no stains, no repairs and no restorations. All it exhibits for the last 185 years of use, care and storage is some wear along its bottom underside from being used and stored over the centuries (the two pieces when assembled weigh 2 5/8 lbs or about 1.2 kg). The cover is also in very good condition with just one Y-shaped glaze chip knocked off a front corner (since Y-shaped chip is 1 inch long by 3/4 inches long by 1/4 inch wide) that is not readily visible since 95% of the missing chip is on the underside of the cover (see photo close-up with pencil pointing to chip). Only a very small 1/16 wide portion along the outer visible edge of the cover is missing from the decorative top portion of the cover (see all photos). The large fruit finial is perfect and has no damage or repairs. The rest of the cover has no damage (there is a small glaze chip or rub at one other corner) and no hairlines, no stains, no repairs and no restorations. The gold decoration on the cover is more than 99% and a more visually appealing quarter supper section with cover would be hard to find today with paying twice as much as what is being offered here. Finally, the cover sits securely and best on the bottom bowl section when its two front corners (inner most edge of the wheel) are aligned first and then the back is lowered so that it sits on the upper part of the outer lip or ledge (see second photo that shows how much ledge is exposed all the way around the cover as it sits on the bottom section). A wonderful antique covered dish that is guaranteed to delight and capture attention in most any setting. And as noted above, if the buyer is not completely satisfied, then she/he may return this covered dish for a refund (see our refund policy noted below).

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c1825 Imari Japan Gilded Stone China Covered Supper Service Section in War Bonnet variant (Pattern #995)

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