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c1900 Watercolor English Country Scenic Old Farm House, signed Ruby Hucker (artist)c1900 Watercolor English Country Scenic Old Farm House, signed Ruby Hucker (artist)c1900 Watercolor English Country Scenic Old Farm House, signed Ruby Hucker (artist)c1900 Watercolor English Country Scenic Old Farm House, signed Ruby Hucker (artist)c1900 Watercolor English Country Scenic Old Farm House, signed Ruby Hucker (artist)c1900 Watercolor English Country Scenic Old Farm House, signed Ruby Hucker (artist)c1900 Watercolor English Country Scenic Old Farm House, signed Ruby Hucker (artist)c1900 Watercolor English Country Scenic Old Farm House, signed Ruby Hucker (artist)c1900 Watercolor English Country Scenic Old Farm House, signed Ruby Hucker (artist)

Antique British watercolor depicting an old farm house probably painted between 1890 and 1920 and signed by the artist, Ruby Hucker. If you enjoy architecture, then you may also find this watercolor to be most delightful. The details shown on this house suggest that this painting is of an actual dwelling rather than a fictionalized scene. The casement window swung open in the gable end facing the viewer is glazed with quarrels, small diamond shaped glass panes set between turned lead strips (lead cames). Casement windows went out of fashion in the early 18th century in both England and the American Colonies as they were replaced by sash windows. The larger windows depicted on the ground floor indicate later replacements to this dwelling probably made in the late 1800s. The true antiquity of this house is further emphasized by the differences in the brick masonry of the three chimneys. There are at least three periods of rebuilding visible in the brick work of just the middle chimney, whereas the chimney on the viewers left is likely the newest with no repairs and all bricks coming from a single source.

Other characteristics of the dwelling also help to place the scene before 1920 and include the old wooden horizontal shingles evident on the lean-to addition on the viewer's right. There is clapboard covering the wings and additions and the main story seems to be constructed of stone covered with mortar along some sections of wall. Finally, the very top of the two tall chimneys on the right have ceramic pipe flues that were popular in the 1800s. The height of these two chimneys dates back to when the roof was thatched with reeds and grasses and the extra height helped prevent live sparks from making it back down to the roof and starting a fire (the sparks would either burn out before reaching the top of the flue or would be carried away from the house by the wind or breezes topping the ridge line of the roof. The rest of the scene is dominated by a plowed field (on the left), hedges and gate in the foreground and trees to the right and off in the distance. There is a light washed out hazy sky. The water colors are painted on a textured paper that looks like laid paper without the perpendicular or vertical wire marks.

This painting attracted my interest for its architectural merit as mentioned above. Also, it kind of reminded me of the oldest house in New England, the Fairbanks house in Dedham, Massachusetts, built in 1636 and with subsequent additions. The Fairbanks house has wings and lean-to additions added as the house provided shelter to new generations over some 370+ years of active use. Another 2 1/2 story old New England house that also looks kind of similar is the Jackson House in Portsmouth, New Hampshire built in 1664 with additions. If anyone happens to know of the actual house shown in this watercolor, do kindly drop me a note and I'll add that to the information listed here. Finally, the watercolor offered for sale here is matted and framed under glass (sealed, too) and will be shipped that way unless the buyer wishes it to be removed and shipped without the frame. This painting also comes with a full satisfaction guarantee or you may return it post marked by 7 days (see my return policy details below). Thanks for reading this far and a few more details are listed below.

SIZE: The visible portion of this painting measures bout 13 7/8 by 10 1/8 inches to the beginning edges of the matting (do not know if the painting extends any further since the frame is sealed). The matting and watercolor are under glass. The outer most edges of the frame measure about 17 7/8 inches by 14 1/4 inches. The maximum thickness of the side of the wooden frame is about 1/2 inch. The back of the frame consist of Masonite that is taped and sealed. I have not opened the frame but have kept it exactly as I acquired it. The framed painting is a nice size for displaying on wall or along a hallway and will certainly capture attention in most any setting.

CONDITION: The water color is in very good condition with just a couple of light marks or stains that have bleached part of the colors. In three of the corners, there are light irregular circular areas measuring from 3/4 inches diameter (upper left corner) to 1 3/4 inches across (upper right corner) where the paper is slightly lighter in color than elsewhere (see all photos). Beyond that, the painting has no water damage or stains and these three lighter areas are not readily noticeable at more than an arms length away unless the painting is inspected up close under good light. The colors are moderately strong and the painting has had no repairs and no restoration. Finally, if the buyer is not completely satisfied, then he/she may return this watercolor for a refund minus shipping costs (see our refund policy details noted below).

SHIPPING: All mainland US buyers pay just $22.40 for well packed (sandwiched between cardboard and then boxed in an oversize box ), insured USPS Standard Post delivery (this is an estimated savings of about $2 to $6 since insurance and tracking are also INCLUDED in the above quoted amount for all mainland US addresses). A faster shipping option is also offered (see Shipping menu). Docs Antiques never charges more than it actually costs to ship the item to you and we will refund any excess should you live near us. All international buyers will pay only the exact shipping costs for all verifiable locations outside the continental US mainland. Please note that import duties, taxes and other charges are not included in the item price or shipping costs and these additional charges are the Buyer's responsibility. We do offer a petition for VAT relief on the behalf of the buyer which may help reduce certain import taxes should your country allow such petitions for items over 100 years old. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to purchasing this item -- thanks.

RETURN POLICY: Satisfaction and peace of mind are guaranteed for all Docs Antiques listings -- please refer directly to our Service Pledge and our Return Policy for full details. And this means that if you are unhappy with your purchase, you may return this FRAMED WATERCOLOR UNDER GLASS BY RUBY HUCKER c1900 undamaged by sending it back post marked within seven days of receipt for a refund (see terms of sale for full details). Items damaged during shipping are covered by insurance and while this rarely happens because we double box, we will gladly help you file your claim should it ever be necessary (to date, we have had only two claims for damage from shipping in over 7 years). Of course, never send an item back that was damaged by shipping since that will void the original insurance. Instead, contact us for help and we will gladly assist.

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c1900 Watercolor English Country Scenic Old Farm House, signed Ruby Hucker (artist)


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