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Tinned iron quart Tankard  with King George V Seal (capacity code date for 1920)Tinned iron quart Tankard  with King George V Seal (capacity code date for 1920)Tinned iron quart Tankard  with King George V Seal (capacity code date for 1920)Tinned iron quart Tankard  with King George V Seal (capacity code date for 1920)Tinned iron quart Tankard  with King George V Seal (capacity code date for 1920)Tinned iron quart Tankard  with King George V Seal (capacity code date for 1920)Tinned iron quart Tankard  with King George V Seal (capacity code date for 1920)Tinned iron quart Tankard  with King George V Seal (capacity code date for 1920)Tinned iron quart Tankard  with King George V Seal (capacity code date for 1920)

A quart tankard with an official capacity verification seal last checked under the reign of King George the Fifth. George V was the father of King George VI and George VI was the focus of the academy award winning movie `The King's Speech' (Colin Firth played King George VI). This tankard is in extremely good condition and may date back some 50 years earlier because the lead GR seal was designed to be restamped when updating was necessary. The codes stamped into the lead seal also indicate that the capacity of this tankard was last verified in the Norwich area of England.

The tankard itself is made of common tin plated iron and would have been produced for use by the common classes. It lacks any maker's marks or maker's name. The simple soldered and overlapped seams and joints are the same construction as tin plated vessels produced before 1900 and all the back to the 1700s. This contradiction can not be resolved. The tankard is made from five pieces of rolled and tin plated sheet iron that have no crimped joints. However, its GR verification seal and date carries a 1920 date code. The use of QUART without Imperial on the label may relate to the fact that this tankards capacity is 4 ounces short of an Imperial Quart. That is, this tankard holds only 36 ounces which is well short of the official 40 ounces needed if it was made to hold an imperial quart. And so its older style may have been intentional to thwart its lack of compliance. Whether government corruption or some error explains the missing 4 ounces can not be said.

The last photo (red background) shows two other older tankards and several other items from the 17th and 18th centuries for comparison. None of these four items shown in the last photo are for sale here in this listing. The Westerwald blue and gray salt glazed stoneware tankard on the far right has bands and cordons which are also captured and mimicked in a rudimentary way in the style of the tin plated tankard (see all photos). The pewter tankard shown in full view is dated 1773, however this date may have been added to an older vessel to commemorate some event (this pewter tankard is currently for sale in my Ruby Lane store under its own listing). On the far left is a German brown stoneware bellarmine dating from about 1660 and in front of the bellarmine is a English flint glass wine glass from about 1745 with air-twist stem with shoulder knop. And so if you collect British artifacts with specific monarchy reigns and affiliations, then here is a chance to acquire a tankard in superb condition from the reign of George V that attests to the year 1920. And as always, this tankard also comes with my satisfaction guarantee pledge or you may return it using my return policy details as noted below.

A NOTE ABOUT THE GR SEAL: The soft lead seal on this tankard has a royal crown placed between a G and R to signify that the tankard's capacity was verified under the reign of King George. The seal officially confirms the capacity and it was added to the tankard some time after the tankard was produced. How long afterward is hard to say, but he seal confirms that the tankard met the required capacity standards enforced ever since the Imperial system was introduced by the British Weights and Measures Act of 1824. The crown and letters are impressed and have 112 and then 20 impressed below the crowned GR (see photos). These number identifies the jurisdictional location and confirming authority that certified the capacity of the tankard in compliance with the Uniform Verification Act of 1878. The 112 indicates that this tankard was checked by the weights and measures agent in Norwich, England and the 20 indicates that this verification event occurred in 1920 (during the middle of George V reign, King George VI's father). After 1907, all verification seals had to also include the year they were applied. And so for this tankard, the GR uniform verification seal was applied in 1920 at Norwich, England. Below the GR seal is a brass capacity label with "QUART". The smear of solder around the Quart label may be sloppy work or may indicate that an older label may have been removed. If this tankard was made before 1920, then any older verification marks have been removed.

SIZE: This tankard measures about 4 1/2 inches across at both its rim and base (diameter) and stands 5 3/4 inches tall to the top of its handle (or 5 1/4 inches tall to its rim). The mug measures nearly 7 inches across from its outermost handle edge to opposite outermost rim edge. It is a nice size for display in most any setting whether set on a counter, shelf, mantle or table top.

CONDITION: This tankard is in excellent condition with no deep rust spots and no holes, breaks, creases or heavily worn areas. It has not been cleaned or restored. Some parts of the tankard still exhibit a slight metallic sheen in reflected light from original production. Most of the vessel's surface has a patina made up of grime and age deposits. The base and inside are also without any major faults or rust problems and the handle is just as secure today as the day it was added. The only dent is a small rim ding on the base to the left of the handle as if a right handed drinker accidentally banged it just a little too hard (see base photo). Nevertheless, finding a tinned sheet iron hand-made and dated tankard in better condition than this one would certainly require paying much more than the price asked here.

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Tinned iron quart Tankard with King George V Seal (capacity code date for 1920)


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