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Risque French Postcard by Hérouard: WWI US Soldier and French Woman DisrobingRisque French Postcard by Hérouard: WWI US Soldier and French Woman Disrobing

This is one of two postcards I have by French artist and illustrator Chéri Hérouard (1881-1961).
The other one is listed here:

This one is a bit more risque. Verso it's interesting to note the difference in translation. The original French title for this playful scene is "Skirmish." The Russian word translates the same. But in English, it says "I didn't want to do it." In my opinion, not a good translation. I think "skirmish" is used tongue-in-cheek as the US soldier tickles the half-naked woman's shoulder with a US flag. Printed by Lapina of Paris, this card is in near mint condition. Richly saturated colors. About 3.5 by 5.5 inches. Lapina closed shop in 1927 and considering this is a WWI postcard, I believe it's a given that it dates from that time frame.

"Chéri Hérouard was a French illustrator who was most famously known for his forty-five-year work for French society magazine, La Vie Parisienne. Born as Chéri-Louis-Marie-Aime Haumé in Rocroi on 6 January 1881, Hérouard's father died in a hunting accident just before his birth. His mother remarried to a Hérouard, who was a descendant of the doctor of Louis XIII, and Chéri took the new name. Herouard's first printed artwork appeared in Le Journal de la Jeunesse in 1902. ... Hérouard stood out for his fairytale characters, and was also a pioneer in the comics format. He was approached by Charles Saglio, who had just purchased La Vie Parisienne, to become an illustrator for the magazine. At first he resisted, saying he didn't think he was skilled enough. Two years later, Hérouard's first illustration for La Vie Parisienne was published on Nov. 9, 1907. The cover illustrations for the magazine were divided among several illustrators, with Hérouard contributing most frequently between 1916 through 1930. He continued his work with the magazine until 1952." Thank you, Wikipedia.

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Risque French Postcard by Hérouard: WWI US Soldier and French Woman Disrobing


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