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In about 1922, Jacon B Cole (JB) began producing art pottery from a studio in the area of Seagrove NC. In subsequent years he was joined by family members and others who also created simple art deco forms using unique glazes and blends. Most if not all pieces are unsigned but the use of indigenous red clay often identifies the pieces as Cole. During research, I discovered a copy of the 1940 catalog from the company. This shape was identified as number G536, the “G” identifying Phil Graves as the original designer of this style vase. Although pictured in the 1940 catalog, this example could have been produced prior to this year as no earlier catalogs or price lists have surfaced. The vase stands 7” tall and measures 7 1/2” handle to handle. The color is a very rich mustard yellow with streaks of dark grey/brown running down the side from the top rim. The handles also have splashes of dark glaze mixing with the mustard. The vase is very clean on the inside and out showing no major damage or repairs. As pictured, I did note a divot on the bottom rim which appears to possibly be factory original but not for certain. Several other minor nicks in the bottom glaze I also believe to have occurred when ground after firing. I also pictured a couple pinhead tiny flecks on the rim which really do not show up unless looking closely or under magnification as they tend to blend with the existing glaze. A very interesting and somewhat difficult to find line of pottery from a well known North Carolina studio. Thank you for visiting my shop.

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J B Cole Pottery Handled Vase


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