This is an unusual item for the duck stamp collector. It is a mail-in card going to the Division of Game and Fish in Minnesota. On the front of the card a mint 1939 RW6 Federal stamp is adhered. The reverse of the card is titled Report of Licensee. There are spaces for all the species of wild ducks, as well as upland birds, gray and fox squirrels, and cottontail rabbits. The licensee is supposed to fill out how many of each species they bagged.

Condition is excellent. Size of the card is 5.5" by 3". I don't know how rare these cards are, but I can say that in 40 years of dealing in stamps, this is the first one I've come across. A desirable item for the duck stamp collector wanting items related to their stamps.


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RW6 Federal Duck Stamp, Report of Licensee


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