Up for sale is a 1973 George Washington, American Revolution Bicentennial / Sons of Liberty Commemorative Medal. The diameter is 38 mm or 1.5 inches. The medal is struck in Bronze and appears to be struck in low relief, yet shows excellent details on the obverse and reverse!

The obverse depicts Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry at the center. The words “AMERICAN REVOLUTION BICENTENNIAL” appear at the top. Under the busts, you see the Philadelphia (P) mint mark and the designer's initials (RCL), along with the “American Revolution Bicentennial” logo under it.

The reverse depicts a man on horseback appearing to be delivering a message to two men standing near with the words “Committees of Correspondence” sprawled across the top of the coin. Under the men, you will find the designer's initials "RCL" and another phrase "To Unite The Colonies". The committees of correspondence functioned mainly as a means of spreading news and information about the Patriot cause and mobilizing opposition to British policies in cities, towns, and rural communities throughout the colonies.

This awesome commemorative American Revolution coin is in excellent condition and comes in the original government packaging. Add it to your collection today!

T2 - 3/21 - XSMQ - ZV1/22


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1973 American Revolution Bicentennial Commemorative Medal


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