Up for sale is a 1972 George Washington, American Revolution Bicentennial / Sons of Liberty Commemorative Medal. The weight of the medallion is 25.3 grams or .89 of an ounce, and its diameter is 38 mm or 1.5 inches. The medal is struck in Bronze and appears to be struck in low relief, yet shows excellent details on the obverse and reverse!

The obverse depicts George Washington at the center. The words “AMERICAN REVOLUTION BICENTENNIAL” appear at the top. A “P” (Philadelphia Mint Mark) to the lower left of Washington, with his name spelled out all in capital letters. To the right, the date it was struck, 1972, and the “American Revolution Bicentennial” logo under it.

The reverse depicts “The Tree of Liberty” with the Flag surmounting the tree. The words “SONS OF LIBERTY” are at the top of the Medal. Under the tree, the initials, “RJM”. To the left of the tree, a “Coat of Arms”. To the right of the tree, is the Gadsden Flag - a snake with the text ”Join or Die”.

This awesome commemorative American Revolution coin is in excellent condition and comes in the original government packaging. Add it to your collection today!

T2 - 3/21 - XSMQ - ZV1/22


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1972 American Revolution Bicentennial Commemorative Medal


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