Here we have a vintage 1966 United States Special Mint Set. This 1966 Special Mint Set includes 5 coins in original mint packaging, including a 40% Silver half-dollar. These coins bear a unique Special Mint Set finish. This Special Mint Set was made by the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. The Kennedy half in this set is minted in 40% Silver.

Each set contains:
* Lincoln cent
* Jefferson nickel
* Roosevelt dime
* Washington quarter
* Kennedy half dollar

This awesome 1966 US Special Mint Set is housed in all original mint packaging - a protective hard plastic case in an outer box. Add it to your collection today!

Due to their elegant appearance and low price, proof sets can serve as a great introduction to the world of coin collecting for a beginner or can be an enjoyable part of a wider collection. While not strictly a proof set, Special Mint Sets were manufactured in lieu of proof sets from 1965-1967, using specially prepared dies.

T2 - XYZX - 4/21 - ZV1/22


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1966 US Special Mint Set


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