Here we have an awesome souvenir 1852 California Gold Coin. This example was struck in 14K Gold and would have been produced by private minting operations around the turn of the 20th century, circa 1875-1920. The coin was given a backdate to the 1850s in an attempt to circumvent the Coinage Act of 1864 that outlawed privately minted coinage. This beautiful souvenir California Gold coin bears the Liberty Head on the obverse and "California Gold 1/2" on the reverse.

California gold coinage is a broad category of privately-issued coin-like items that were used in place of official currency in the United States territory (later state) of California during the gold rush of 1849 due to the scarcity of small coins in the region at the time. Starting in 1852, quarter, half, and dollar coins were privately minted from native gold to alleviate the shortage. The acceptability of these hard-to-handle, underweight coins was always limited, but they soon became popular as souvenirs. Tokens with a stated tender value were produced from 1852 until 1883 as well as spuriously in later years. These were made in denominations of $1, $0.50, and $0.25 in both round and octagonal shapes.

Add this awesome souvenir 1852 California Gold Token piece to your collection today! You won't regret it...

T2 - XSMQ - 4/21 - ZV1/22


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1852 California Gold Souvenir Coin, Circa 1875-1920


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