We are offering a 1929 100 schilling gold coin. This coin is 90% gold and weighs 23.53 grams. This coin has a proof-like finish.

Beginning in 1926 though, the Austrian Mint began to issue 100 Schilling Austrian Gold Coins. The coins would be struck for a little over a decade by the mint with a reported total of fewer than 390,000 coins in all during those 12 years. The coins in this denomination were rarely used in circulation, with many holding onto the coins for their higher gold content by weight.

On the obverse of the 100 Schilling Austrian Gold Coin is the face value of the coin written out with numbers in between a pair of edelweiss sprays. The year of issue was featured below and was flanked by six-pointed stars on either side.

The reverse of the 100 Schilling Austrian Gold Coins includes the official coat of arms for the Republic of Austria. Most of these coins feature the coat of arms from the First Republic (1919-1934). This includes a single-headed eagle with a crown that bears the national shield on its chest and holds a sickle in one talon and hammer in the other. The Federal State coat of arms (1934-1938) was used in the years prior to Nazi occupation during World War II and included a two-headed eagle similar to the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

T-2 - QXZFSM- 4/12 - S60 - BC4/21 - 2000

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1929 Austria Gold 100 Schilling


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