We are offering a 1923 $1 silver certificate note. There are a few heavy folds and light fading. There is some light staining.

The first silver certificates (Series 1878) were issued in denominations of $10 through $1,000. Reception by financial institutions was cautious. While more convenient and less bulky than dollar coins, the silver certificate was not accepted for all transactions. The Bland–Allison Act established that they were “receivable for customs, taxes, and all public dues,” and could be included in bank reserves, but silver certificates were not explicitly considered legal tender for private interactions (i.e., between individuals). Congress used the National Banking Act of July 12, 1882 to clarify the legal tender status of silver certificates by clearly authorizing them to be included in the lawful reserves of national banks. A general appropriations act of 4 August 1886 authorized the issue of $1, $2, and $5 silver certificates. The introduction of low-denomination currency (as denominations of U.S. Notes under $5 were put on hold) greatly increased circulation. Over the 12-year lifespan of the Bland–Allison Act, the United States government would receive a seigniorage amounting to roughly $68 million (between $3 and $9 million per year),a while absorbing over 60% of U.S. silver production.

T-2 - QXZQ- 1/19 - S12 - BC4/21

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1923 $1 Silver Certificate Fr 238


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