Waterman Phileas Rollerball PenWaterman Phileas Rollerball Pen

Waterman Phileas Rollerball Pen - Blue Marble

The Waterman Phileas is named after Phileas Fogg, Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days” protagonist. It has a marbled blue body that operates via a twist mechanism. The pen has a classic deco look.

The Waterman Pen Co. was established in the late 1800s by Lewis Waterman. Manufactured using the capillarity principle, Waterman Pens permitted the inclusion of air to create a continual flow of ink. In 1884, Waterman received a patent for his pen design and named it, "The Regular". In 1899, Waterman opened his first manufacturing plant in Montreal and with the added space, he was able to sell pens with different designs.

During the Paris World Exposition that was held in 1900, a Waterman fountain pen received the Medal of Excellence award. Lewis Waterman died in 1901, and his nephew, Frank D. Waterman, took over the business. Frank Waterman expanded the company by developing a manufacturing plant in France in the 1920s.

Over the next 135+ years, Waterman would continue to inspire and awe writing aficionados and collectors by constantly innovating their pen designs, ink refill mechanisms, and materials used. In fact, orchestrators of the Treaty of Versailles signed the agreement with a solid-gold Waterman pen. Nowadays, Waterman is regarded by many to be one of the finest Writing Instrument companies in the world due to its long history of excellence of progress.

Handmade in France

5.4" L x .56" W
T2 - 2/21 - XLMMM - IH

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Waterman Phileas Rollerball Pen


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