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We are offering a 1654 silver thaler from Hungary. There is moderate wear on this coin. The design shows great details on both sides. There is some minor environmental damage on this coin. In our opinion, we believe this coin to be in very fine condition.

A thaler is one of the large silver coins minted in the states and territories of the Holy Roman Empire and the Habsburg monarchy during the Early Modern period. A thaler size silver coin has a diameter of about 40 mm (1½") and a weight of about 25 to 30 grams or roughly 1 ounce. The word is shortened from Joachimsthaler, the original thaler coin minted in Joachimstal, Bohemia, from 1518. While the first standard coin of the Holy Roman Empire was the Guldengroschen of 1524, its longest-lived coin was the Reichsthaler (Reichstaler), which contained 1⁄9th a Cologne Mark of fine silver (or 25.984 g), and which was issued in various versions from 1566 to 1875. From the 17th century, a North German thaler currency unit worth less than this standard coin then emerged; by the 19th century, most of these thalers were at par with the Vereinsthaler until 1871. The thaler silver coin type continued to be minted as legal tender of modern currencies, such as the US silver dollar (until 1935) and the Swiss 5 francs coin (until 1928). Copies of the (Austrian) Maria Theresia thaler were made by various government mints until the 1960s. Many government mints continue to issue thaler-sized silver coins with face values in national currency, now known as bullion coins, as their silver value significantly exceeds the face value. The English form of the name, dollar, survives as the name of a number of modern currencies. Also from the name of the thaler is the Samoan currency name tālā and (until 2007) the Slovenian tolar.

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1654 Hungary Silver Thaler


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