We are offering an 1813 B silver thaler from Zurich in Switzerland. This coin has no wear and some original mint luster. This coin has exceptional eye appeal. In our opinion, we believe this coin to be in uncirculated condition.

The Thirteen Cantons of the Old Swiss Confederacy and their Associates each minted their own coins. Thaler and half thaler coins were minted by the cities of Zürich (1512), Bern, Lucerne, Zug, Basel, Fribourg, Solothurn, Schaffhausen, St. Gallen and Geneva. The Reformed cities began to represent "city views" on the obverse of their thalers, as they did not have the option to represent either patron saint or ruling princes. The first city view thaler of Zürich was minted in 1651 (the so-called Vögelitaler). These currencies were abolished in 1798, with the introduction of the franc of the Helvetic Republic. The cantons resumed minting their own coins from 1806, now mostly denominated in francs, with one Swiss franc equal to 1.5 French francs. Thaler size coins (in some instances named Neutaler, Nüw-Taler) were now denominated as 4 francs, or 40 batzen; the first two Schützentaler, minted by Graubünden and Glarus in 1842 and 1847, respectively, had this denomination. Cantonal currencies were again abolished with the introduction of the modern Swiss franc in 1850, with an official exchange rate of 7 to 10 (seven batzen to one new franc). The new 5 francs coin while valued at 35 batzen, worth slightly less than the old thalers, was nevertheless dubbed Taler or Franken-Taler in some regions of Switzerland. The Bernese diminutive Täli was recorded for the 1 franc coin in the early 20th century.

T-2 - XZFSM - 4/12 - S60 - BC
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1813 B Zurich Switzerland Silver 40 Batzen


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