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Beautiful Pair of Bristol Black Floral Vases! So Victorian, but so 2021! These two vases are the kind that will become your favorites forever! Not too heavy or big! They are 10 3/4"H with a 3" opening and you can arrange any color of flower in these wonderful vases!
They are lightweight and handpainted and signed with the initials by the artist.
I would like to give you a little bit of history that I thought was so charming that a Glass Master (as I call him, here in Texas) recently told me when I picked these up from him. I was so fascinated by his wares that he gave me a tour of his warehouse and educated me on all sorts of glassware. Fun facts, things I had no knowledge of and would explain why one piece was extraordinary versus another of the same kind.
Bristol Glass is named for the town where it started being fabricated in Bristol, England. The company produced blue, pink, amethyst, opaque milk, and a few other colors. Blue was the dominant color.
The Glass Master started with these Bristol vases. He said in Victorian times in England during King George's War (1744-1748) which was happening in North America, the Bristol Glass Company hired women to paint their vases. Women would take pairs of vases home with them and paint beautiful floral designs on the vases and return them to the company and would receive payment for their efforts. Some were signed, most were not. Many were intricately painted with birds, heavily painted gold-tone paint, and free-flowing floral patterns which were highly loved by many women. The black glass when you hold it up to the light has a amethyst color to it . Some call the black a black-brown finish, however, it is the amethyst that makes it look to some as a brown cast. When the Victorian women would bring back one pair they had painted, they would be paid, and then receive another pair to paint. I thought this was fascinating.

Black, Blue, Brown, Cream, Gold, Green, Red, White, Yellow
England • English
Vases, Urns

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Bristol Glass Black Floral Vases


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