"Morning" by Hermann Sandoz  Sviss Artist, Dated 1940"Morning" by Hermann Sandoz  Sviss Artist, Dated 1940"Morning" by Hermann Sandoz  Sviss Artist, Dated 1940"Morning" by Hermann Sandoz  Sviss Artist, Dated 1940

"Morning" by Hermann Sandoz Sviss Artist, Dated 1940
Size: 25.75"by 31.5" with frame 30.5" by 36.5"
Good condition

Hermann SANDOZ (born in?)

Painter from La Chaux-de-Fonds, clockmaker in Le Locle, studied painting in Sainte-Croix with Robert Fernier.

In Switzerland, as in the rest of Europe, 1927 was a year of crisis. One more. These difficult times did not, however, prevent men, on both sides of the Franco-Swiss border, from devoting themselves to their passion: painting. On the French side, Robert Fernier, despite his young age, already has a wealth of training and accomplished experience. He is indeed a former student of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris and he makes a living from his painting. He also carries with him the scars of a painful experience since he spent four long years of his youth in the trenches of the Eastern Front, during the Great War. On the Swiss side, more precisely in Sainte-Croix and Le Locle, a few men know the same passion for this art that they practice as amateurs, employees that they are in the local industry,

As luck would have it, Fernier and one of these painters from Sainte-Croix, Walter Bugnon, met in 1927 at the Salon des Annonciades de Pontarlier, created by Fernier. Immediately the current passes between the two men. Fernier agrees to give lessons to Bugnon then, later, to his comrades Jules Jaccard, Edgar Lecoultre, Georges Perrenoud, René Villard and Hermann Sandoz who is himself a watchmaker in Le Locle. Students and “boss” (because that is what they call their teacher Fernier) become friends and this pictorial adventure will last 12 years, until the border was closed due to the Second World War.

This book traces the history of this meeting and this friendship. He also examines the unique life of Fernier, from his educational journey in Paris to the trenches of the Somme and Verdun, placing this training in the artistic context of the time that emerged from the Impressionist revolution, itself largely influenced by this other master from Franche-Comté that was Gustave Courbet. He also wants to show, through reproductions of works produced mainly in their region, how much all these men shared, in addition to their passion for painting and like Courbet, that of a mysterious and even country: the Jura.

Source: "Robert Fernier and the painters of the School of Sainte-Croix" Editions Mon Village, 320 pages


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"Morning" by Hermann Sandoz Sviss Artist, Dated 1940

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