Herend “Rothschild Bird” Covered Dresser BoxHerend “Rothschild Bird” Covered Dresser BoxHerend “Rothschild Bird” Covered Dresser BoxHerend “Rothschild Bird” Covered Dresser BoxHerend “Rothschild Bird” Covered Dresser Box

Offered for sale is a round covered porcelain dresser box made by Herend in Hungary. This bowl is decorated in Herend’s famous “Rothschild Bird” pattern. The lid of the box features two mating birds, a black and brown female above a more colorful black, brown and white male. Both are perched on branches growing on the side of broken tree trunk. The branches have green and brown leaves, and the tree is anchored on a plot of green with rocks to its left and a shrub to its right. There is a yellow and brown strand of moss hanging from the branch that supports the female bird. The border of this lid has three butterflies evenly spaced above its rim. Two of the butterflies are yellow, orange and blue, and they are in flight. The third butterfly has its blue and yellow wings folded as if it’s at rest. The rim is encircled by a gold line. The base of the box has a gold lined rim above three evenly spaced flying butterflies, each painted yellow, orange, brown, blue and black. There is a contemporary Herend mark from the mid-20th C on the underside of the box. Under the mark is “6031 / 20,” undoubtedly a model mark, and in one corner is a blue “316” which may identify the painter. The bowl is 4 1/2” in diameter. It is 3 1/2” high with the lid in place, and the base is 2” high without the lid. The bowl is in “as made” condition with no imperfections or damages.

Hand Made, Hand Painted, Porcelain

Herend “Rothschild Bird” Covered Dresser Box


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