Howard Finster, "Broken House," Folk ArtHoward Finster, "Broken House," Folk ArtHoward Finster, "Broken House," Folk ArtHoward Finster, "Broken House," Folk ArtHoward Finster, "Broken House," Folk Art

Howard Finster (American/AL, GA 1916-2001) Wood, paint, marker, and Xerox. Wooden sculpture of a house split down the middle with a jagged parting. The house is covered with stars, angels, dogs, and glitter balls. Base of the sculpture contains a ministerial screed that proselytizes against evolution by offering a theory on what Finster terms, "four kinds of blood." 1993. Size: 13" H x 11" W x 3.5" D.

Provenance: Phyllis Kind Gallery

CONDITION: Excellent condition.

Artist Bio: Howard Finster (American/AL, GA 1916-2001) was born in 1916 in Valley Head, AL: one of the 13 children of Samuel and Lula A. Finster. He left school at 14 after completing the sixth grade and became a Baptist preacher two years later. In 1935 he married Pauline Freeman. Over the next three decades he toured Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee preaching at tent revivals and conducting baptisms, weddings and funerals. In an effort to reach more people, he published his sermons in local newspapers at his own expense. He also began to write poetry, both about preaching and about his job in a fabric mill. In 1941 he settled with his family in Trion, Ga., supporting them by doing carpentry, plumbing and even house building, as well as Finster's Arts & Crafts, which produced ''family picture'' clocks by the hundreds. He also began repairing and rebuilding bicycles to sell cheaply to families that could not afford new ones.

His art evolved organically out of his activities as a preacher and his growing body of self-taught artisanal knowledge. His first combinations of words and images occurred in the blackboard diagrams that he made while teaching Sunday school and called ''chalkwork.'' He used his art to win souls for God, working tirelessly and encouraged by his visions. Finster numbered his artwork and frequently referred to current events relevant to his art theme: to be ready for the return of Jesus. As a listed artist, Finster's unique point of view ensures that his work remains highly sought after. Source: Howard Finster's New York Times obituary

Ask me about my convenient layaway plan. One-of-a-kind expressive piece by a highly influential Outsider artist.
United States • American
13" (33 cm)
11" (28 cm)
3.5" (9 cm)
Figurative, Outsider Art

Howard Finster, "Broken House," Folk Art


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