KJL Kenneth Jay Lane Perfect Pansy Book Piece Necklace Earrings Demi is a book piece in "Identifying AVON JEWELRY" by Avon jewelry authority and author, Sandra Sturdivant. The necklace is described as "a carved pink flower with crystal accents on a double strand of lustrous pearls" and is signed Avon. It is called the "Perfect Pansy Collection" from Avon's Kenneth Jay Lane line. The necklace consists of a double strand of very large faux pearls with a flower made up of 6 silver-tone petals with 4 crystals on the edge of each petal and pink plastic for the center of the flower making a beautiful pansy. There is a crystal in the center of the flower. That's 25 crystals on each pansy. Kenneth Jay Lane collaborated with Avon to create a high end jewelry line at prices more women could afford. Kenneth Jay Lane knew what women wanted in fashion accessories and designed beautiful jewelry after those wants and desires. As with all of his designs for Avon, KJL spared no detail which helped Avon join the ranks of famous designers and producers of high end jewelry. Anything with Kenneth Jay Lane's name is indeed high fashion. Kenneth Jay Lane created high end fashion pieces that were sure to please and this is no exception.

This popular high end designer has a faithful following including celebrities and socialites. Starting in the 60's Kenneth Jay Lane created fantastic jewelry which was highly sought after and was also a favorite of first ladies; Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan and Barbara Bush.

Kenneth J. Lane began his illustrious career in the Art Department of New York Vogue in 1954. It wasn't until 1963 that he headed out on his own after designing for Hattie Carnegie, the shoe designer Roger Vivier and rhinestone accented shoes for Dior, Bill Blass, and Arnold Scaasi. His jewelry is big, bold, dramatic and of superior workmanship and the use of fine stones that he personally developed with his supplier in Germany. His jewelry was signed with the K.J.L. logo for the first 10 years of production. Kenneth Lane's earliest pieces were unsigned during his "handmade" phase which didn't last very long. Then came K.J.L. (1962 until even now). He started using Kenneth Lane in the late 1960's. Since then he's gone back and forth - with periods, without, with a copyright ©, with a registration ® mark. The best way to tell if a piece is old is to actually see it. Many of the 1960's pieces had an antiqued finish and had certain kinds and colors of plastic cabochons he doesn't use anymore. Kenneth Lane is one of those designers who almost never retires a piece permanently. A guide to dating this jewelry is summarized below.

1962-1970's - K.J.L. with periods, first mark used (no copyright symbol), mark used in other stores in cities that also had a Saks

1960's - KENNETH © LANE, with a big ©, an early mark for pieces sold exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue. The © symbol was dead center in the logo. There was also another early mark with the © symbol moved to the bottom preceding LANE on the logo

1970's - KJL without periods

1970's - KENNETH © LANE, with very small ©

1980's - K.J.L.© with periods

1980's - K.J.L.® with periods

1980's - KENNETH©LANE, © is centered

1980's to 1990's KENNETH JAY LANE or KENNETH LANE, used in his own franchise stores

1980's to 2004 KENNETH © LANE - K.J.L. for AVON or KENNETH LANE for AVON -. The jewelry from the 1980's and 1990's are all signed K.J.L. for Avon.

2001 and later; most recent K.J.L. for Avon is not signed K.J.L. for Avon, but simply KJL. Only the box that the jewelry came in has the Avon name and address on it. It would be wise to keep the boxes for authenticity.

1991-2000, ©KJL mark used for QVC, no periods with the copyright mark preceding the "K".

1990 to now, KENNETH©LANE with © on the same line as LANE.

Kenneth Jay Lane
Clear, Cream, Pink, Silver, White
Late 20th Century
Metal, Plastic
Costume, Designer, Signed
See Description for all measurements


Necklace Earrings Demi KJL Kenneth Jay Lane Perfect Pansy Collection Book Piece


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