Good Early Zulu KnobkerrieGood Early Zulu KnobkerrieGood Early Zulu KnobkerrieGood Early Zulu Knobkerrie

From the mid-19th century which probably was used in the 1885 Zulu War. 34 ¼” length with tapered haft and mushroom form head. Finished entirely by stone scraping and not sanded or polished as with later examples. Also never decorated with trade wire work of the second half of the century. Made entirely of sapwood, not the bicolor sapwood/heartwood of later examples. Further, the head is not cracked as universal with later examples, due to the use of unseasoned wood. Well used and untouched. Shaka grew the Zulus from a clan into a nation by conquering all their neighbors though war. Valiant adversaries were put to death by the spear. The old, infirm, less valiant warriors and children deemed unsuitable for slaves were put to death by the club (knobkerrie). The death toll during that period known as Mfecane is estimated to be 1-2 million. An exceptional early example.


Good Early Zulu Knobkerrie


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