Charles II Locket, Silver, Circa 1661Charles II Locket, Silver, Circa 1661Charles II Locket, Silver, Circa 1661Charles II Locket, Silver, Circa 1661Charles II Locket, Silver, Circa 1661

I must admit this piece is a wonderful mystery, because I do not know if it is Charles I or II that is pictured. I have asked several knowledgeable English dealers, and no one knows for certain. I thought it had to be Charles I because it just says CR on the front. I had a Charles II locket, which had his wife on the back, and it only had CR also, so that blows that theory. On about the 5th look at this piece with a loupe, I could make the CR a C II with the curve making it a CR, but I just don't know for certain. I'd be glad to hear anyone's thoughts on the matter. What we do know is that this is a wonderful heart locket, celebrating either Charles I or II or England. I have seen several hearts like this one, and I have sold the one I mentioned earlier, but I have never seen one with the divided point as this one is. It is silver (sterling). it weighs 1.50 grams, it opens and stays closed very securely, and it measures 3/4 of an inch North to South, and the same East to West. The back of the piece is decorated with a flower? The back is as much of a mystery, because I have looked in several books, and I looked in the V & A Jewelry section where there are several silver hearts commemorating a Charles, but none like this one, so I guess that makes this one unique. Many in memory of Charles I say "prepared be to follow me," and some have a heart with arrows piercing it. One could think the flower is a pansy in remembrance. I just don't know. What I do know is that this piece is a wonderful piece of history worthy of any museum. I will offer it for sale because I have two Charles I and one Charles II pieces in my own collection ,and I need to make money so I can go back and buy more! Truthfully, though, I would be very happy to keep it because these pieces are so hard to find.This 350 plus year old piece is in excellent condition. There is a slight depression one can feel where, for years, the pieces have been pressed together to close, but this is on the back and really can only be felt. I am very proud to have been able to find this wonder! NOTE : On about the 7th look at the front of this piece, I am going to go out on a limb and say I think it's Charles II, because it does look like there is II with the R curving over the II. Charles I was executed in 1649, and Charles II was restored to the throne in 1661. Note II: This just came in from a Ruby Lane Viewer and I concur: I would have no hesitation in stating categorically that this is a likeness of Charles 11.If
you look at the portraits of Charles 1 by Van Dyck he had much
finer features and straight hair. The portrait on your locket
corresponds exactly to the images of of Charles 11 I have seen.

3/4 of an inch North to South, and East to West

Charles II Locket, Silver, Circa 1661


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