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Generally recognized as the first and perhaps the best of the Amphora manufacturers, Reissner, Stellmacher & Kessel was established in the Turn-Teplitz region of Bohemia in 1892. The ceramics Reissner and his 2 partners produced was known for its unique styles and the interesting glazes they used to create what became known as "Amphora" pottery or simply "Teplitz." Reissner, Stellmacher & Kessel (R. St. K.) displayed their work in America for the first time at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. The partners enjoyed business and artistic success but in 1905 Stellmacher left the firm to establish his own company under his own name. The original firm continued to operate as the Reissner & Kessel Amphora Works and operated as such until Kessel also left in 1910. Subsequently, the original firm operated under the business name Amphora Werke Reissner continuing to produce fine Amphora art pottery through the Art Deco period and the years of World War II, at which time it was nationalized by the Czechoslovakian government in 1945.

This wonderful Wedding Vessel, circa 1910-1920, is decorated with the bust portrait of a royal lady, complete with crown. The item is adorned with stars, jewels and geometric designs in addition to the portrait in a rich color pallet of navy blue, turquoise blue, medium blue, orange, red, tan and brown against a background of medium and dark brown shades. The vessel measures 6 1/2" in height and 6" across the widest portion of the body. It is stamped "Imperial Amphora Turn" within a circle; a Crown; "G"; "11911 over 44"; "Amphora" within an oval and "Austria" within an oval. There are no cracks, chips or repairs; near mint.

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Amphora Werke Reissner Art Deco Wedding Vessel w/Royal Portrait


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