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Beginning in the 1840's, English potters began to ship white ironstone ceramic ware to the U.S., decorated with copper lustre bands and/or simple motifs, made exclusively for the American market. Anthony Shaw is considered to have produced the original tea leaf motif, registered in 1856. The tea leaf motif was made by dozens of English and American potters until the beginning of the 20th century.

This ironstone tea leaf gravy boat was made by the Thomas Furnival & Sons Company, England, circa 1871-1890. The body style of the piece is called Cable. It measures 9" in length from spout to handle, 5 1/2" in height and 3" in width. There are no cracks or repairs; near mint.

Pottery, Ironstone

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Thomas Furnival & Sons Tea Leaf Ironstone Gravy Boat


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