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SilverCrest was the trademark used by the Smith Metal Arts Company that was formed in 1919 by Frederick C Smith, who had been the head salesman for the Heintz Metal Arts Shop founded by Otto Heintz in 1906. After the sudden death of Mr Heintz in 1918, Smith and some other Heintz craftsmen split away and formed this new company. Heintz Metal Art Shop continued until is succumbed to the depression in 1930.

This unique bronze vase, circa 1920's, is decorated with applied sterling images of three ducks flying over a waterway. The textured 'Gold Dore' finish was developed by Otto Heintz. The vase measures 6" in height, 2 1/4" across the top and 1 5/8" across the base. The piece is stamped with the 'SilverCrest Decorated Bronze' Hallmark with the Smith Metal Arts Company logo and '2004' pattern/design number. Near mint condition with a warm glowing patina.

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Smith Metal Art Co "SilverCrest" Bronze & Sterling Silver Vase - Gold Dore Finish


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