An American, David Haviland, was an importer of French and English porcelains during the early to mid-1800's. In 1849 he moved his family to Limoges, France, to begin his own porcelain manufacturing and decorating factory and as a result, Haviland China, was born. Upon his death in 1879, his two sons split the company. Charles formed Haviland & Co., while Theodore formed Theodore Haviland.

These Haviland & Co. white-ware blanks were purchased and decorated outside the Haviland company. They are well executed and beautiful from an established home-studio environment, circa early 1900's.

The first plate is adorned with beautiful nasturtium blossoms with bursting buds. The variegated shades of burnt umber and golden yellow are stunning against shaded green and gray foliage. The background consists of muted hues of blues and pinks.

The second plate is decorated with a branch of wild rose blossoms in shades of soft pastel pink and magenta. The leaves are variegated light to dark green with a few light brown leaves intermixed. The background, like the first plate, is muted hues of blues and pinks. This plate has a tiny chip on the outside edge. (see photo)

The plates measures 8 1/2" across with gently scalloped edge and delicate embossed design They are stamped "Haviland - France" in green, circa 1894-1931. They are both signed "E.Lutiger" on the back. With the exception of the chip noted above, there are no cracks, chips or repairs. Priced accordingly. Just wonderful.

Porcelain, Limoges

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Pair of Haviland & Co., Limoges Hand-Painted Cabinet Plates w/Floral Motifs


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