Mirò Lithographe I - Plate 11Mirò Lithographe I - Plate 11

Dimensions: 13.9x10.24 inches.

"Miró Lithographe I - Plate XI" is an original lithograph realized by Joan Miró in 1972. Perfect conditions.

It comes from the set of 11 lithographs realized for the catalogue "Miró Lithographe I" edited by Graphis Arte, Livorno and Toninelli Arte Moderna, Milano, in 1972.

Reference: Patrick Cramer, Joan Miró, Catalogue Raisonné des Livres Illustrés, Editeur P. Cramer, Genève 1989, n. 160.

Joan Mirό
(Barcelona, April 20, 1893 – Palma de Mallorca, December 25, 1983)
Mirό, a Spanish painter, sculptor and ceramicist, was an exponent of Surrealism. He began drawing at the age of eight years but, as advised by his father, he began working as a clerk only to then dedicate himself to the arts after suffering a nervous breakdown.
In 1912, he attended the Galí Art Academy and then proceeded to the Artistic Circle of Sant Lluc. In 1920, he establishes himself in Paris, where he meets Picasso and in 1928, still in Paris, he becomes famous with his exhibition at the Georges Bernheim Gallery. In these years, Mirό begins his artistic experimentation and attempts lithographs, etching and sculpturing as well as painting on tar and glass paper.
With the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War (1936), he returns to Paris where he dedicated himself to collecting funds for the Republican cause only to return to Spain after the invasion of France. From this moment onward, he lived steadily in Mallorca or Montroig.
Mirό was one of the most radical theorists of Surrealism, to the point that André Breton, founder of this artistic movement, described him as, “the most surrealist of all”.
In 1954, at the Venice Biennial, he wins the award for graphics and in 1958, the Guggenheim International Award.
Only after the fall of Francoism did he receive awards in his homeland. In fact, since 1978 he received several gold medals, in particular, one from Juan Carlos King of Spain. Mirό died in Palma de Mallorca in 1983.

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Mirò Lithographe I - Plate 11

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