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For sale here is a VIVID and intense vintage 1980s 90s handmade copper enamel abstract modernist platter artwork by American artist/enamelist Peg Miller of Wayne, New Jersey. A striking and colorful composition that is open to interpretation, but reminds me of a deep space photograph of a galactic core surrounded by great clouds of dust and gas! Here's a brief bit of biography that I found online for the artist:

In a 1990 article written by Betty Freudenheim for the New York Times, Miller is quoted as saying: “Each of my pieces is treated as an abstract painting with the copper base as my canvas.” The same N.Y. Times art reviewer wrote again about Miller’s work saying: “While some of Peg Miller's earrings and shallow bowls are enameled with abstract designs, several convey vast landscapes in tones of red and green on a copper base.”
"Peg Miller was a self-proclaimed abstractionist in her approach to creating enamels-on-copper. At times her enamels are precisionist in their outward appearance and other times they are soft and muted – but they are always abstract or experimental in some way. At times, Miller would leave certain areas of copper exposed to the 1,850-degree kiln temperatures, and the oxidation produced a matte finish that looks like burnished dark pewter."
Peg Miller turns enameled plates into scenes of geomorphic movement: volcanoes, ice floes or earthquakes. The powerful action seems temporarily arrested but implacable. Even the contours reiterate the slow action; some edges are slashed and curl upward.
Ms. Miller retains some dark, smoky areas where the metal has oxidized from repeated firings. "Nothing I do is accidental," she said. The design is set firmly in her mind before she begins. (NYT, By Betty Freudenheim, Feb. 24, 1991)
In 1988, Miller’s friend and fellow enamel artist Marian Slepian was awarded a solo show at a large research company in New Jersey and found that she could not fill the space herself. She asked four other enamel comrades from New Jersey to participate: Marilyn Druin, Patricia Lange, Peg Miller, and Katharine Wood, all of whom then formed the Enamel Guild of New Jersey for this show. They enjoyed success and continued to show as a Guild. Soon there were requests from enamelists outside of New Jersey to join and the Guild decided to expand membership to others outside the state. In 1992 a new Guild was formed, currently known as the Enamel Guild/North East, with five of the New Jersey members (Marilyn Druin, Peg Miller, Marian Slepian, Antonia Schwed and Katharine Wood) as founding members around whom the new guild was formed.
In 1991, Miller participated in an important group exhibition that included the enamel arts of Marilyn Druin, Patricia Lange, Peg Miller, Antonia Schwed, and Marian Slepian. Titled “The Alchemy of Enamel,” the exhibition was held at the Gallery at Bristol-Myers Squibb in Princeton, New Jersey, and each participant wrote a segment about their own work for the accompanying catalog.

This tray/artwork measures 9-7/8" in diameter and rises 3/4" inch at the rim, and weighs 565 grams total or just over one pound prior to packing. Marked at back as shown in the enamel "Peg" as well as with the original paper label as shown. Excellent vintage condition with just fine light wear at bottom from display but no chips cracks or damage whatsoever to the enamel as shown - please view the photos, read the description, and ask all questions prior to purchase. I am open to reasonable offers from serious buyers.

Black, Blue, White
Post-war and Contemporary art
Abstract, Abstract Expressionist, Modern, Modern Art, Modernism
United States • American
Late 20th Century

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BIG 1980s Peg Miller New Jersey Handmade Copper Enamel Abstract Modernist Platter ARTWORK

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